Discover Aerial dehumidifiers

New technology – fantastic effects

Jakość 'Made in Germany'

The Aerial brand was set up in Norderstedt in northern Germany in 1990 on the foundations of a family business founded by Rolf Meier and his son Karsten Meier. Since then, the company has continued to grow and launch new models of equipment onto the market, using the latest dehumidification technology. Aerial products are renowned for their robust construction and the highest quality workmanship.

A wide range of applications

Aerial product portfolio includes various models of condensation and adsorption dehumidifiers, dedicated for use in homes, swimming pools, as well as in any rooms requiring the removal of flood damage. The Aerial brand also offers products such as water separators, fans and air filters.

New technology

Aerial dehumidifiers take advantage of the latest technology to ensure optimal performance and high quality of the end products. The units feature an innovative casing made of rotomoulded polyethylene, which protects the interior and is resistant to shock, mechanical damage and UV radiation; hot gas defrosting system which enables operation at negative temperatures; self-adjustable heating elements and advanced dehumidification components.

Eco-friendly and economical solutions

Aerial products are equipped with modern BlueDRY® technology, which enables energy-efficient and highly efficient dehumidification. As a result, they are environmentally friendly and economical to use.