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A conference of FUJITSU Distributors in Krynica Zdroj

Added on: 19.02.2014

Yet another edition of the ‘Conference of FUJITSU Distributors’, with the participation of over 200 key Clients of the KLIMA-THERM Group in the indirect sales channel, was held in the luxurious ‘Czarny Potok Resort & SPA’ hotel in Krynica Zdrój between 14th and 16th February 2014. It was also attended by representatives of FUJITSU General, Italian G.I. Holding as well as other KLIMA-THERM cooperatives in so-called pro-Dealer projects.


The major point of the meeting was the Saturday conference panel. After Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz - the chairman of the KLIMA-THERM Group and Mr Andrzej Walendowicz – the Chief Commercial Officer officially had welcomed all Guests present at the conference, Mr Przemysław Kukowski – the Deputy Sales Manager, gave his presentation summing up the business year 2013 with regard to the most significant indicators as well as sales supporting actions. The key project dedicated to Distributors and Authorized Service Partners /ASP/ was the ‘Royal Adventure – Feel the Adventure!’ scheme developed in cooperation with a professional agency with an extensive portfolio of reference in the field of pro-sales tools implementation.


The first part of the conference was crowned with a solemn ceremony awarding all laureates of the ‘Royal Adventure’ scheme. The list of awarded winners was announced by the initiators and managers of the scheme – Mrs Ewa Pilarska – the PR and Marketing Director in the KLIMA-THERM Group and Mr Przemysław Kukowski. Commemorative diplomas along with invitations to Jordan and Morocco were given by Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz and Mr Andrzej Walendowicz. The representatives of indirect sales who proved to motivate their Clients to take part in the scheme most efficiently are also going on the journey of dreams.


The second part of the conference was devoted to KLIMA-THERM’s sales plans for 2014 and in a wider perspective development forecasts for the HVAC trade in Poland. Mr Andrzej Walendowicz underlined the significance of participation of Split and Multi-Split type units in the general sales structure which results in, among other things, the second edition of the support scheme to be initiated as soon as on 3rd March announced during the conference.


Another point of the conference panel was a product presentation run by Mr Marek Kupiec, the Technical Director of KLIMA-THERM. This year the portfolio of FUJITSU devices will be supplemented by a new series of Airstage VRF J-IIS devices. Quite a lot of interesting solutions are going to be announced in the field of controls and monitoring as well. It is worth mentioning the new, 2-wire UTY-RLR wall controller with a large display, the Controller Lite system – advanced software for central control to be applied in small and medium buildings, KNX and Modbus intefaces or IntesisHome and AirPatrol Wi-Fi network control applications using smartphones or tablets.


The novelties in the KLIMA-THERM by KLIMOR device group refer to the extended family of compact ventilation AHUs ‘AHU Smart Solutions’ including KCX 1200 AHUs and the range of KCO 300/500/800/1200 products. An exhibition of products constituted a perfect supplement to the presentation. Not only had the participants of the conference a chance to see the devices but also test the functionality of mobile applications. The exhibition was very popular enjoyed wide recognition of guests being referred to as the most professional product presentation ever to be seen at the Conference of FUJITSU Distributors.


The conference in Krynica Zdrój was accompanied by numerous attractions including the KLIMA-THERM Gala with the musical performance of Brodka z Zespołem or the Saint Valentine’s highland-style feast.