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A coverage from the ceremony of opening the Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group in Warsaw

Added on: 20.03.2017


It was on 17th March 2017 when the operation of the Warsaw branch of the Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group was solemnly inaugurated in the representative interiors of the new sales office. The event was held with the participation of numerous guests and marked with a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony. The lecture given by Prof. Dariusz Butrymowicz PhD, Eng. from the Technical University of Białystok constituted a beginning of the substantive operation of this, already third in Poland, Academy of KLIMA-TERM Group.


The grand opening of the Academy and the new sales office of KLIMA-THERM Group in Warsaw took place in the modern office space of almost 700m2 located at 101A Ostrobramska Street. On that day the Academy rooms were arranged to resemble the elegant venue of the event which was held in the ‘coctail party’ convention with live music and lightning that gave the entire ceremony solemn atmosphere.

The ceremony of opening the Academy and the new office of KLIMA-THERM Group in Warsaw was participated by clients, business partners as well as the board and employees of sales departments of KLIMA-THERM and KLIMOR in the central regions. The symbolic cutting of a ribbon was carried out by Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz - the Chairman of the Board of KLIMA-THERM Group and some representatives of the Japanese concern of Fujitsu-General Europe: Mr Shinsaku Odajima (Deputy General Manager) and Mr Yukio Tanaka (Deputy Managing Director).

- It was exactly 10 years ago in Gdańsk when the first training and certification centre named ‘the Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group’ was launched. In 2013 we opened the second educational centre located in Katowice. Today’s opening of the third Polish Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group, held in the new office in Warsaw, undoubtedly constitutes an incredible success measured with dynamic development of our company – said Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz, the Chairman of the Board of KLIMA-THERM Group – Our pride is even bigger that the new seat of KLIMA-THERM Group in Warsaw is a modern office and the exclusivity of the applied solutions, style as well as top quality of equipment make our investment a prestigious trademark of KLIMA-THERM Group – the leading company in the field of air conditioning and ventilation – added Mr Daniel Jaskiewicz.

The Academy - an effective training room and device showroom which, combined with an elegant café and a spacious reception lobby, cover the area of about 200m2, constitutes a representative part of the new office space. Apart from being an exhibition room housing the flagship devices included in the offer of KLIMA-THERM Group the Academy also plays an important role in the education and research project, aiming at continuous development of knowledge of the trade environment in the field of current trends in air conditioning and ventilation as well as state-of-the-art product, technological and constructional solutions.

- We have three professionally equipped training and certification centres situated in the northern, central and southern Poland. Thus, we are perfectly able to provide beneficiaries of the Academy with comfort resulting from both convenient location of our centres as well as the highest quality of the training scheme realized on the basis of a full range of state-of-the-art air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems available in our offer – said Mr Marek Kupiec, the Managing Director of KLIMOR and the Technical Director in KLIMA-THERM Group. – For our company the Academy is one of the key educational projects. As a leading supplier of HVACR solutions we feel much obliged to share our product and technological knowledge as well as practical experience with the widely understood trade environment. The philosophy of KLIMA-THERM Group is not limited to running business operations – we possess competence that we would like to pass on. We wish to educate the trade environment and develop as a company by means of training activities - underlined Mr Marek Kupiec.

On the day of opening the Academy in Warsaw Prof. Dariusz Butrymowicz PhD, Eng. from the Technical University of Białystok gave a lecture which was a substantive inauguration of the centre’s operation as the third KLIMA-THERM Group’s training and research centre in Poland. Professor Butrymowicz demonstrated an incredibly interesting and innovative project based on the technology of producing chill from a low-temperature source of heat.

At the end of the ceremony all guests were invited to enjoy some food and drinks. The second part of the event constituted a marvelous opportunity to familiarize with the new interiors of the Warsaw office of KLIMA-THERM Group now located on the 4th floor of the office building at 101A Ostrobramska Street.