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A new formula of the "Feel the Atmosphere - Made in Japan" FUJITSU Partnership Scheme is launched!

Added on: 01.03.2017

It was at the beginning of March when KLIMA-THERM launched the ‘Feel the Atmosphere – Made in Japan’ FUJITSU Partnership Scheme with an incredibly attractive first prize – a dream trip to oriental Japan. The already fifth edition of the scheme dedicated to FUJITSU commercial Partners has been supplemented by an original responsive www platform including a number of new functionalities as well as practical tools this year.

‘Made in Japan’ is the general theme of the new ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ FUJITSU Partnership Scheme which KLIMA-THERM dedicates to the group of Distributors and Authorized Service Partners (APS) cooperating with the company. The idea lying behind the fifth edition of the Scheme is to motivate commercial Partners to make regular purchases which are awarded with points. This year, for the most active participants KLIMA-THERM has prepared, among other things, an exclusive dream trip to Japan - the country of origin of FUJITSU as well as loads of other prizes.

Contrary to the previous editions, the new ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ FUJITSU Partnership Scheme offers much more to all FUJITSU Partners which is a result of an innovative www platform based on an original and unique on the market design by KLIMA-THERM. The website www.poznaj-klimat.pl is not only an Internet service aggregating individual points and creating collective rankings but it also constitutes a practical tool providing smooth access to the most important information concerning devices purchased in the Scheme. Clients of KLIMA-THERM, directly from the platform level, are provided with a series of functional benefits i.e., among other things, a history of purchases with invoice view, access to complete technical documentation: assembly, maintenance and service manuals, user’s manuals as well as a possibility to generate and print out warranty cards. Moreover, the service has been integrated with a training reservation system through an active interface with an automatic function completing the information about a client logged in the ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ platform. The www site of the Scheme is fully responsive and has been designed and adjusted to the most popular internet browsers for both stationary and mobile devices.

- This year ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ offers much more to our clients and, in this respect, it is a totally new edition of the project which has already been successfully realized by our company for the fifth time. As we would like to provide our FUJITSU Partners with some added value – not only within a scheme that supports sales of KLIMA-THERM products and offers a prestigious first prize – a trip to Japan – we have developed and implemented an innovative www platform which is not only a professional but, more importantly, an intuitive access tools for documenting purchased devices – underlines Mr Przemysław Kukowski, the Vice Sales Director and the Scheme content manager. - The ‘Made in Japan’ Scheme, which is a natural consequence of our few years’ experience from the previous editions as well as many months of conceptual, marketing and programming work undoubtedly constitutes new quality in the field of cooperation with the client – adds Mr Przemysław Kukowski.

This year’s edition of the ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ FUJITSU Partnership Scheme also stands out with regard to communication with its participants. The online platform aims at current communication with the client using an extended administration panel for KLIMA-THERM employees as well as a comfortable and accessible from many platform levels form that Scheme participants can use to contact our company quickly. Moreover, the website www.poznaj-klimat.pl has been extended with the ‘News’ column replacing the tool in the form of a traditional e-bulletin that has been used so far.

- The new Scheme reflects the main foundation of our company’s operations which is building partner relations with the client based on, among other things, providing best quality state-of-the-art tools supporting sales and translating into our joint success in business. Communication and permanent contact with our clients constitute an indispensable element of relation management which are surely going to be supported by the online platform of the Scheme - notices Ms Ewa Pilarska – PR and Marketing Manager in KLIMA-THERM. – I am more than convinced that ‘Made in Japan’ is an exceptional project combining all advantages of the previous editions of the Scheme with new value offered by concrete tools facilitating access to the most important information concerning both the company and the product. - summarizes Ewa Pilarska.


The ‘Feel the Atmosphere – Made in Japan’ Scheme was launched on 1st March. The platform is available at www.poznaj-klimat.pl. Along with launching the Scheme, we sent FUJITSU Distributors and Authorized Service Partners (ASP) invitations to participate including new logins and passwords.