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A NEW publication: “Annual Report 2019 & Company Profile”

Added on: 18.05.2020
Klima-Therm Group has published its latest corporation report which comprises the consolidated financial statement for the financial year of 2019. “Annual Report 2019 & Company Profile” outlines the essential information and business indicators illustrating the character and operating scale of all the entities comprising the Group – both in Poland and abroad.

“Annual Report” is a regular publication which summarises the company’s past financial year in the form of a consolidated statement for all the subsidiary companies forming Klima-Therm Group. In addition to detailed financial data, the report discusses the results of the company’s operating activities, including sales results and the most momentous events from the perspective of the entire organisation.

According to this latest publication, Klima-Therm Group closed the 2019 accounting year with revenues exceeding PLN 441 million, which is another record-breaking result measured with positive double-digit dynamics. The company recorded an increase in sales of 31% in the VRF segment, while in the sector of Split units – for RAC/PAC devices – the year-on-year increase was as high as 83% (in total for Fujitsu General and Kaisai brands).

The year 2019 saw the consolidation of the company’s production activities. Through a merger of companies acquired in 2018, namely Clima-Produkt, Barbor and Quatrovent, with the Klimor company, Klima-Therm has increased its competitive edge in the ventilation industry, simultaneously strengthening its production potential. Currently, the Klimor brand operates three production plants located in Gdynia, Pszczółki and Skowarcz (Pomorskie Province), with more than 300 employees in total.

Klima-Therm Group has also introduced modifications to the distribution sector of its operations. Moreover, the foreign subsidiaries active in northern Europe have undergone a rebranding process. The following companies: FG Nordic from Sweden, FG Finland and the Estonian FG Baltics have been renamed Klima-Therm AB (Sweden), Klima-Therm OY (Finland), and Klima-Therm OÜ (Estonia). The main purpose of the implemented image unification process was the enhancement of the recognition and the competitiveness of Klima-Therm Group in the global market.

Klima-Therm Group has been an active member of the industry for almost a quarter of a century. The Group focuses on the supply of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems, designed for both professional use in various sectors of the economy and domestic use. Every day, more than 500 employees in five different countries work towards the success of the six companies that belong to the Group. Over the last five years, the company has increased its turnover by more than 63%, and the employment numbers have increased by nearly 51%. During this time, human capital revenue (HCR) has increased by more than 10% and now amounts to PLN 820,369 per one post.

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