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A NEW publication: Fujitsu WATERSTAGE heat pumps

Added on: 28.01.2020
The latest product brochure presents Fujitsu WATERSTAGE solutions, which include units from the Super High Power, High Power and Comfort range – 24 models in total.

Prepared primarily for end customers, the mini-brochure contains practical information on the characteristics of the units and advantages of using heat pumps as an ecological source of heating and domestic hot water, also in combination with heat recovery. The publication explains the principles of operation of air-to-water heat pumps in a way which is accessible to an individual investor, presents possible installation solutions, and outlines the basic modes of operation and use of the device. The leaflet also contains a technical specification table, which lists the solutions currently available from Fujitsu.

We hope that you will become acquainted with this latest publication and contact the representatives of the Fujitsu dealer network for more information.


To receive detailed information on how to choose the most optimal solution, the installation method, and the price of the units, including the installation service, please contact the Fujitsu Authorized Distributors – a list of our partners can be found by clicking the link.