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A NEW publication: NORDIC air source heat pumps

Added on: 02.11.2020
We are pleased to announce the availability of a new product brochure which presents Fujitsu air source heat pumps. The Nordic series is an air to air heat pump series intended for room heating.


Fujitsu’s series of mini product folders is primarily dedicated to end users – this time, a new brochure on air to air heat pumps has been added to the available selection. The key feature of this product series is their ability to maintain high capacities, all the way up to extreme winter temperatures. The heat output of the devices at low temperatures has been significantly increased thanks to the large heat transfer surface and by equipping the indoor unit with a large cross-flow fan. The units are ideal for all types of premises, such as offices, shops, warehouses or production plants.



We hope that you will become acquainted with these latest publications and contact the representatives of the Fujitsu dealer network for more information.