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‘’Academy of Femininity and Beauty’’- Klima-Therm Group especially for female designers

Added on: 27.05.2022

In May Klima-Therm Group carried out two exceptional events dedicated to female designers of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Female Designers cooperating with Klima-Therm and Klimor took part in a programme of workshops and activities prepared especially for women, in a luxurious setting offered by renowned SPA hotels located in the south and north of Poland. As many as 70 female designers took part in two events held under the motto "Academy of Femininity and Beauty".


The programme of the events was carefully arranged, combining comfortable rest in a five-star hotel with sports and creative workshops. The main idea behind the organisation of the "Academy of Femininity and Beauty" was to create conditions for the invited ladies to break away from everyday duties and spend time in an unusual place, in an inspiring female group.


The first meeting took place on 10-13 May at the Crystal Mountain Hotel in Wisła, while the second one took place on 17-19 May at the Dr Irena Eris Hotel in Wzgórza Dylewskie. Both facilities offered the invited ladies not only a luxurious hotel infrastructure headed by the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Spa Institute, but also a picturesque location surrounded by nature and enchanting landscapes.


During a few days' stay the participants of the "Academy of Femininity and Beauty", among others, made their own plant ecosystem in the form of a forest in a jar and created ecological candles and fragrance pendants. As part of sport activities, the ladies were offered morning gymnastics and a dynamic Nordic walking march along local routes of various difficulty levels, taking into account individual preferences of the participants. Ladies could also take advantage of treatments in a renowned SPA, and each day ended with a common dinner, each time accompanied by a unique atmosphere full of fun and female conversations.


In the dreamlike circumstances of the place and the surrounding nature, including favourable sunny weather, the participants of the "Academy" had an opportunity for a comfortable rest combined with biological regeneration. Holistic and at the same time exclusive hotels, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, made it possible to break away from everyday matters and focus on inner, spiritual balance. – says Ewa Pilarska, Marketing and PR Director of Klima-Therm Group. – I am very glad that the programme of the stay, prepared with women in mind, allowed for exceptional relaxation, during which a group of fantastic female trade workers had an opportunity to experience common emotions and establish valuable relations. From our side it was a pleasure to honour the successes of women in this difficult engineering profession. Thank you for the nice moments we spent together and the power of positive energy – sums up Ewa Pilarska.


The "Academy of Femininity and Beauty" was organised by Klima-Therm Group for the first time in 2018. The enthusiastic reception of these events by the female designers, expressed by a number of flattering opinions and recurring memories in relations, made the company decide to return to this unique convention of meetings for women after a longer break.


It is worth emphasizing that cyclical events dedicated to designers of HVACR systems –  one of the key groups of Company's Customers –  are a kind of tradition and a permanent element of Klima-Therm Group's marketing plan. "Academy of Femininity and Beauty" opened another season of direct meetings. In May and June, a total of over 200 designers cooperating with Klima-Therm and Klimor will take part in yet another project: „Racing Unit 2022” – that is, in car rallies organised on the largest autodromes in Poland, a series of events initiated in 2021.