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AIRSTAGE Edge Controller

Added on: 22.09.2020
The Fujitsu family of products now includes a brand-new central controller with a touch panel, intended for VRF systems. The AIRSTAGE Edge Controller, when connected to the interface with the working name of Airstage Cloud, is a powerful tool in the hands of the investor: it enables remote monitoring and the diagnostics of operating parameters, in addition to the ongoing detection of refrigerant leaks. The controller also ensures quick response, maintenance prevention, energy consumption calculation in conjunction with weather forecasting – this is just one part of a wide range of integral features of this new controller.

The AIRSTAGE Edge Controller (UTY-DSGYZ1 / UTY-DSGGZ1) provides comprehensive connectivity with both conventional (analog) outputs/inputs as well as guarantees the full scope of digital communication. Airstage Cloud facilitates air conditioning management and allows to minimise operating costs.

Remote monitoring of the operating parameters of the units has finally become possible without additional elements such as the Web Monitoring Tool or the Service Tool. The diagnostics used to date involved frequent visits to the facility, where a maintenance operator physically installed a computer with the appropriate maintenance software, for which additional software enabling remote access to the computer was also needed.


The transfer of management from the local computer installed in the facility to AIRSTAGE Cloud – a cloud-based solution – will streamline and automate the accounting process of tenants in large buildings. The administrator can now remotely configure even the most complicated electricity payment settings, and it is also possible to protect the system against the loss of historical data as a result of computer failure, for example.


More information about the functionalities and advantages of the new Fujitsu air conditioning controller can be found in the article written by Paweł Deska, Technical Director at Klima-Therm.
Link to the material: [link]