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Annual Report 2020 – Klima-Therm Group presents its results

Added on: 14.06.2021
Klima-Therm Group closed the financial year of 2020 with revenue amounting to PLN 439 million and positive 6% dynamics of net profit. The company presents a summary of key financial indicators along with its consolidated accounts in the form of the "Annual Report 2020". The latest publication, whose central theme is the company's 25th anniversary, also serves as a comprehensive source of information on the Group's activities in Poland and abroad.

As outlined in the report, Klima-Therm Group's turnover for 2020 was similar to the revenue achieved in 2019. Taking into account the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shaken the economy, the company views the results attained as good, while the growing optimism in the construction sector makes its planned growth of several percent in the Group's sales results in 2021 realistic. The company plans to achieve this objective primarily thanks to the new opportunities that the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) segment gives to the HVACR sector. In the coming years, Klima-Therm Group will not only significantly increase the sales of air-to-water heat pumps, but it will also build a complementary portfolio of RES products, based on photovoltaic modules, PV inverters, energy storage systems, hybrid batteries with inverters and other complementary solutions.

The Group's "Annual Report" is a corporate periodical publication in which the company outlines the past financial year in the form of consolidated accounts for all the subsidiary companies forming Klima-Therm Group. The financial report also discusses the results of the company's operating activities, its key business indicators, and depicts the organisation's development plans. As the publication of the "Annual Report 2020" coincided with the 25th anniversary of Klima-Therm Group, the report has been enhanced with a cross-sectional presentation of the company's history and its key achievements:


- Over the past 25 years, the company has undergone a process of significant transformation. – explains Daniel Jaśkiewicz, Founder and President of the Board of Klima-Therm Group, and adds: – From a small enterprise with a commercial profile, Klima-Therm has grown into a market-leading distributor and manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation systems, employing over 500 people in six companies and in five different countries. We have transformed the scale of our business activity – the last 15 years alone have seen the company's revenue grow sevenfold and the sales increase twofold. To put it into perspective, in 1996 we began with 230 air conditioning units, and only in the last five years, we have installed more than 400,000 units coming from our distribution. In 2010, with the purchase of Klimor, we expanded our business to include the production of air handling units. We have also invested in developing our own brand, Kaisai, which today is another mainstay of the company in the air conditioning segment, next to Fujitsu – our flagship brand for the last 25 years.

Klima-Therm Group, a leader in the HVACR industry, has been operating since 1996. According to the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) – a British building services market research organisation – the products distributed by the company are in the leading positions in terms of the number of air conditioning and ventilation units sold in Poland.

We hope you take a look at the full publication of Klima-Therm Group's "Annual Report 2020"!


* BSRIA Report 102182/12 "Europe 2020 – Split Systems, AHU & Fan Coils – Poland" (January 2021)