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“BIG BLUE Conference” – a unique edition of the Fujitsu Partner Program

Added on: 11.02.2019

At the start of February, Klima-Therm launched the seventh edition of the Fujitsu “Poznaj Klimat” Partner Program, this time using a new, refreshed formula. The name “BIG BLUE Conference” forms an invitation to the unique Fujitsu Distributor Conference in Crete. The conference will be attended by 100 Authorized Distributors of Fujitsu, who in 2019 will show the highest purchasing activity. However, there are plenty more surprises in store for the participants of the 2019 edition of the “Poznaj Klimat” Program!

In addition to the participation of the TOP 100 clients in the Fujitsu Distributor Conference in 2020 on the largest Greek island of Crete, the so-called TOP 10 – i.e. those occupying the top ten positions of the ranking, will also go on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday and visit Canada’s most beautiful destinations, such as Toronto and Niagara Falls. On top of prizes given in the form of holidays, similarly to the previous edition of the “Poznaj Klimat” Program, its participants – Fujitsu Distributors and Installers – will be able to benefit from hundreds of attractive rewards in return for the points accumulated as part of the Program.


The “Poznaj Klimat” Program, supported by a dedicated online platform Poznaj-Klimat.pl, is Klima-Therm's own project whose principal aim is to support the indirect sales segment. It was created to reward all Authorized Fujitsu Distributors and Authorized Service Providers (ASP) for their regular purchasing activity. In the seventh edition of the Program, the participants will be rewarded for purchases of equipment made between 1 January and 31 December 2019.


- We are avid followers of the principle which states that the highest quality products offered by Fujitsu require the best sales tools on the market. We are convinced that exactly such a tool is the “Poznaj Klimat” Partner Program – explains Przemysław Kukowski, Deputy Commercial Director at Klima-Therm, responsible for indirect channel sales, and adds – So far, we have held six editions of the Program and completed six years of active sales of Fujitsu units motivated by attractive prizes, such as amazing excursions to the farthest and most exotic corners of the world. We are proud to be able to build our joint business and shared success together with our clients in the settings worthy of a premium brand.


The Fujitsu Partner Program based on the www.poznaj-klimat.pl platform provides the ability to track the individual scores of each participant and view collective rankings. Moreover, the platform is also a practical tool providing quick access to the most important information about the devices purchased under the Program, as well as guaranteeing a number of functional benefits, such as downloading sales documents and technical documentation.


The 2019 edition of “Poznaj Klimat – BIG BLUE Conference” varies from the previous editions, because the concept of the main prizes has been changed, allowing for a possibility of experiencing an unforgettable adventure in the form of an attractive holiday for an even larger group of clients pursuing active purchasing.


- “Our Program is a living project that evolves under the influence of the needs of its recipients and our efforts to provide clients with products of the highest quality. From the point of view of the tools used, year-on-year the platform is developing and becoming more functional. This year, we have prepared a pleasant surprise for the Program participants by introducing a significant – if not revolutionary – change which also applies to the main prize pool” explains Ewa Pilarska, Head of Marketing & PR Department at Klima-Therm Group.

- We have combined the concept of a once in a lifetime holiday and the flagship project of the biennial Fujitsu Distributor Conference into one large marketing undertaking. The formula of a conference abroad, organised as part of a partner Program for a group of the best 100 clients, is a unique solution on the market. I hope that this idea will give the current edition of the Program a particularly prestigious character and increase the level of excitement when competing for valuable points – adds Ewa Pilarska.


The seventh edition of Fujitsu’s “Poznaj Klimat – BIG BLUE Conference” partner Program is now in progress. In May, the “Best of the Best” Fujitsu Distributors of 2018 – winners of the “Poznaj Klimat – Asia Dream” Program – will discover ancient Asia on an exciting trip to China and embark on an exotic holiday to Cape Verde.