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Brazil with FUJITSU - the grand finale of the ?Feel the Atmosphere - Viva Brasil? Partnership Scheme

Added on: 03.04.2017

It was in March this year when KLIMA-THERM invited the winners of the last year’s edition of the ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ Partnership Scheme to sunny Brazil. All the participants of the exclusive adventure received unique opportunity to experience numerous attractions including a trip to the picturesque Iguazu waterfalls located on the border between Brazil and Argentina and a visit to the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro.


The dream trip to Brazil was a kind of a grand finale of the 4th edition of the ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ Partnership Scheme held in 2016 which KLIMA-THERM has been successfully dedicating to a group of cooperating FUJITSU sales partners. The first prize in the scheme was each time connected with the leading theme of a particular edition providing the most active sales partners with an opportunity to live an exclusive, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable adventure.

The winners of the ‘Feel the Atmosphere – Viva Brazil!’ Scheme started discovering the beauty of South America from Sao Paulo and moved on to see the Iguazu waterfalls located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The participants also had a chance to admire the beautiful landscapes filled with the blue and green of one of the natural wonders of the world up close from the perspective of a motor boat. Another destination during the trip was Rio de Janeiro – the old capital city of the independent Brazil with a population of over 6 million inhabitants. The city is famous for, among other things, the Copacabana beach, Sugarloaf Mountain – a mountain and a characteristic observation point at the Guanabara Bay as well as the humongous statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer situated on the top of Corcovado Mountain. The numerous attractions of the Brazilian adventure also included a drive in off-road cars to the Tijuca Park – the biggest city park and forest complex in the world, a visit to the Santa Marta favela known from Michael Jackson’s music video and a football game between the FUJITSU team and a team composed of the locals. The itinerary of the trip also included a hot samba show as well as an indispensable element of everyday night life which is a visit to music night clubs.

- We have already taken our clients to Jordan, the Caribbean, the USA and this time we invited our partners to Brazil – each of these trips was prepared in such a way so as to stay in their participants’ memory for a long time and be remembered as a journey of a lifetime which always brings back good memories. We do care that every trip does not force an opportunity to conduct business conversations and most of all does constitute a marvelous chance to establish and tighten good relations and sometimes even make friends. Nothing can be more integrating for a team than experiencing a joint adventure as well as an opportunity to share unforgettable emotions – underlines Mr Przemysław Kukowski – the Vice Sales Director in KLIMA-THERM.

After the Brazilian finale of the 4th edition of the ‘Feel the Atmosphere’ Partnership Scheme, already in May this year, the winners of the second prize are going to visit Gran Canaria of the Canary Islands located just at the north-west coast of Africa.

In 2017 KLIMA-THERM is realizing the FUJITSU Partnership Scheme entitled ‘Made in Japan’ with a dream trip to Japan – the country of origin of FUJITSU as the first prize. What is more, the 5th edition of the scheme has received a modified formula as it has been provided with a new original www platform equipped with a series of practical functionalities. The newly designed webpage www.poznaj-klimat.pl is not solely a service which aggregates individual points and creates collective rankings but also a tool which guarantees quick access to the most important information concerning devices purchased in the Scheme. All Registered FUJITSU Distributors and Authorized Service Partners (ASPs) can monitor the history of purchases including invoice tracking, download full technical documentation: assembly and service documents as well as user’s manuals, generate and then print out warranty cards directly from the platform level.