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Added on: 30.10.2012

Once again Klima-Therm had the privilege to honor the best FUJITSU distributors and to invite them to the amazing trip, this time to a place called the Island of Eternal Spring - Madeira.


Breathtaking views, an abundance of exotic plants, unique flavors of Portuguese cuisine topped with a wonderful wine - it's all waiting for the expedition, which took place on 18-21 October.


The rich program of tours included the exploration the sunny capital of Madeira - Funchal with its famous market with sparkling colors and flavors of exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish. Another interesting point of travel was a trip to the hill of Monte ended with a crazy exit through the narrow streets in wicker sleigh, sailing trip to meet with the Dolphins and the jeep safari - to explore the island - revealing the fascinating nature of the participants ... and in the end the climate of the charming evening with Fado music.


We thank to our Partners for the time spent together and unforgettable moments during the trip.