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Documentation always at hand - KLIMA-THERM releases a mobile app!

Added on: 19.06.2017

Having the comfort of its clients in mind, KLIMA-THERM company has implemented a mobile app for Android smart phones which provides access to technical documentation of devices offered by FUJITSU and KLIMA-THERM.


The application makes it possible to browse specifications, technical data, assembly and service documentation in a comfortable and fast way based on a Simple and intuitive mechanism. It is possible to add devices to ‘favourites’ directly from the application’s level in order to provide users with facilitated access to the documentation of the most popular and preferred products in the future. The app is also available in an English version.

The app is solely dedicated to clients cooperating with KLIMA-THERM. In order to use it you should download the software from Google Play and provide the Client’s number (SAP number) and NIP number (TIN number) during the first log in. It is not necessary to provide these details again when you launch the application later. Clients can use the application on various mobile devices and all data will be automatically synchronized between them – products once saved in ‘favourites’ will be available on all devices with no additional action to be performed.

The application with documentation is undoubtedly a tool with significant growth potential. We have already planned its subsequent updates including extensions with some additional functionalities. Moreover, we are also planning to develop an application for iOS devices.

We wish You all a pleasant mobile use!
You can download our app here: [download]