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Double Labeling System for Air Conditioning Systems: Fujitsu Airstage

Added on: 04.06.2024
The new labeling for Fujitsu air conditioning systems is part of the Japanese company's global marketing strategy and heralds new offerings from Fujitsu for the 2024/25 season. From now on, all newly produced split air conditioners from the RAC/PAC group and on VRF system units will feature a new product logo alongside the Fujitsu manufacturer's brand: "Airstage" ("Fujitsu – Airstage"). The main goal of these changes is to unify the nomenclature for the entire category of air conditioning solutions under one common brand "Airstage" – previously associated exclusively with VRF systems.


Standardizing the nomenclature for the RAC/PAC/VRF solutions segment also results in a new visual identity for the name "Airstage". The new product brand logo "Airstage" refers to attributes associated with air – such as lightness, freedom, transparency, and unlimited open space. Its modern form also emphasizes the timelessness and highest quality of the technology offered by Fujitsu.

  • The change is of an image nature, unifying the nomenclature of the group of air conditioning products, and its effect is the simultaneous use of the new graphic sign - the new "Airstage" logo;
  • All air conditioning systems (including accessories) will be double-labeled: both with the corporate logo "Fujitsu" and the new device brand logo "Airstage";
  • The latest deliveries of AC units intended for the Polish market, which are gradually entering the offer of the company Klima-Therm, already have the double labeling system: "Fujitsu - Airstage".
  • Visual changes will also gradually appear in materials such as packaging, user manuals, and product catalogs – they will be gradually adapted to the new visual identity adopted by the Japanese company Fujitsu General.

The introduction of the new product identification "Fujitsu – Airstage" is an announcement of Fujitsu General's intensified efforts to develop the air conditioning equipment segment, in response to contemporary market needs and user expectations. This is evidenced by the first new products announced for the 2024/25 season, including: KNCA wall air conditioners with a higher SEER A++ energy class and a built-in WiFi module, the new Nordic KHCBN series with heating efficiency down to -30°C, which will also be available in a graphite housing version, and the new VRF J-VS system for R32 refrigerant.