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F-gas Certificate for KLIMA-THERM

Added on: 31.03.2016

We would like to announce that KLIMA-THERM S.A. has obtained an F-gas certificate no. FGAZ-P/06/0035/16 issued by the Office of Technical Inspection authorizing it to carry out operations in the field of installing and maintaining or servicing refrigeration and air conditioning units as well as heat pumps.

The fact of obtaining the certificate means that KLIMA-THERM fully meets the requirements of EU refulations specifying new obligations for companies and staff with regard to servicing stationary units including fluorinated greenhouse gases.

- We are currently undergoing a process of legislative changes which, in consequence, force operations of all participants of the construction process adjusting to the new law. Starting with a HVACR system designer who is responsible for preparation of systems satisfying the requirements of new regulations, through a contractor of the system bringing the resolutions of the designer into life to the very investor meaning the owner and operator of a ready-made system – explains Mr Pawel Deska – the Deputy Technical Director in KLIMA-THERM. - System operators and service workers are now obliged to meet new requirements concerning their F-gas authorizations. Each subject must have the F-gas certificate issued for their company and obtained on the basis of their personal certificate issued by an accredited institution – he adds.

In order to obtain the F-gas certificate, you should pass an exam verifying your knowledge in the field of both current legislation as well as technical aspects of AHU assembly and service.