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Financing for FUJITSU and KAISAI 'green listed' equipment

Added on: 26.01.2022
Heat pumps and residential photovoltaic systems available from Klima-Therm have been included in the Green List of Devices and Materials (ZUM) of the Polish Institute of Environmental Protection. This means that they meet the technical requirements set out in the "Clean Air" programme and are therefore eligible for financing as part of the thermal upgrading of residential buildings.


The ZUM project, commonly known as the Green List, was developed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) under the supervision of the Institute for Environmental Protection. The list, available in the form of an online catalogue, is addressed to applicants of the "Clean Air" government programme and provides practical assistance in the selection of equipment and building materials eligible for financing of investments linked to thermal performance improvement. The list is also used in municipal support programmes as a reference listing of heating systems. Moreover, in 2022 NFOŚiGW will implement the "Moje Ciepło" (My Heat) subsidy programme for the purchase of heat pumps in new houses with a higher energy standard, for which the Green List is likely to become a database of so-called "eligible devices".

The ZUM list comprises as many as several dozen devices from the Klima-Therm Group's portfolio. These are low-emission, environmentally-friendly heating products and photovoltaic modules that are included in the company's Renewable Energy Sources product range. The following systems have been included in the NFOŚiGW catalogue:


  • Fujitsu WATERSTAGE air-to-water heat pumps – from the Comfort, High Power and Super High Power series;
  • KAISAI air-to-water heat pumps from the Arctic series – split and monoblock versions;
  • Fujitsu air-to-air heat pumps from the NORDIC series – models: KMCB, KMCDN, KVCB, KHCA;
  • KAISAI residential PV systems.

Thanks to the inclusion of Fujitsu and KAISAI devices on the Green List, investors – such as beneficiaries of the "Clean Air" programme – can be certain that they have chosen high-quality, energy-efficient solutions that contribute to the reduction of emissions and improvement of air quality. They also have a guarantee that the recommended equipment meets the technical requirements for receiving financing to replace the original heat source.


It is worth highlighting that the Green List does not have the character of a ranking or commercial information, which makes it an objective source of knowledge. The inventory of equipment and materials is co-created by manufacturers, and the submitted products are verified by independent experts in terms of their declared parameters before they are listed in the catalogue.


The devices covered by financing from the Klima-Therm Group's product portfolio can be found using the ZUM search engine, available at: https://lista-zum.ios.edu.pl/bepub/ben001.aspx