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Fujitsu General Expands Lineup for the Indian Market

Added on: 12.04.2018

Japanese air conditioning producer, Fujitsu General, has been expanding its lineup of RAC inverter air conditioners for the Indian market that comply with the New Energy Conservation Standard. Growing economic and purchasing potential of the world's second largest country has encouraged the producer to locate in India a new plant, as part of the global $ 1 billion Fujitsu General investment plan.



In the near future, five Fujitsu room air conditioners using modern inverter technology will hit the Indian market: ASGG12/14CGTA, ASGG14/18/24CLCA. All of them comply with the New Energy Conservation Standard that was introduced in India in the beginning of 2018. Additionally, the highest-end models (ASGG12/14CGTA) have attained the highest rank of five points in the New Energy Labeling System due to, among others, enlarging the diameter of the fan in the indoor unit.


Fujitsu General believes India has a real potential in relation to increasing volume of sales and new products development. According to Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA), the size of the Indian room air conditioner (RAC) market was estimated at 4.28 million units in 2016. Judging from the future increase in population and economic growth, the Indian RAC market is predicted to grow to the third largest market in the world and the Energy Conservation Standard/ Energy Labeling System is expected to help further expansion of demand for the newest inverter air conditioners.

Optimistic economic forecasts and growing purchasing power are the main factors underlying the company's decision to build a new production plant in India. The investment is to amount to USD 200 million, constituting a significant part of the Company’s global development plans, for which a total of USD 1 billion has been allocated. The factory will be built in South-Eastern India in Andhra Pradesh or in Telangana. Fujitsu General estimates that the initial production volume will be million devices per year.