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FUJITSU Presents Novelties for the Year 2017

Added on: 27.10.2016

In 2017 the Japanese company of FUJITSU GENERAL is planning to expand its portfolio of air conditioning products with new solutions in the field of big commercial systems (VRF) as well as smaller RAC/PAC units. Development of the product line will be focused around both the highly prospective market of ‘light commercial’ units and the priority of the offer’s conformity with the latest environmental rules and regulations. The premiere demonstration of FUJITSU innovations took place in October during the Chillventa trade fair in Nurnberg.


The entire constellation of novelties demonstrated during the Chillventa trade fair opens with a brand new mini VRF J-III L series system available in 8HP, 10HP and 12HP sizes (up to 33kW) as well as a new series of outdoor VRF units available in 14HP, 61HP, 18HP and 20HP sizes. These products enable selection of completely new system combinations and will surely create unprecedented installation opportunities. The J-III L series combines all the characteristics required for small and middle size systems offering up to even 30 indoor units, the system length of up to 400m, limited dimensions of the outdoor unit, low noise level or small power indoor units (starting from 1.1 kW). In the J-III L series the volume of cooling agent has been reduced to 7.5kg which minimizes any potential environmental damage in case of leakages and excludes the risk of exceeding the level of permissible concentration in closed spaces.


The Chillventa exhibition also constituted a marvelous opportunity to witness the premiere of the biggest aggregate available in the offer of FUJITSU designed for AIRSTAGE VRF V system and capable of generating the cooling power of 56kW. One of the most significant assets of the new model is its reduced size and installation surface reduced by even 33% as now an individual unit enables connection of up to 51 indoor units and up to 500m of a duct system and the potential combinations include up to 64 indoor units in the maximum 54HP system size as well as 1000m of a duct system.

- According to experts, the market of ‘light commercial’ air conditioning units designed for small and medium sales and service facilities such as shops, hotels or offices is going to grow by approximately 22% between 2015 and 2020. The offer of new FUJITSU AIRSTAGE systems is an adequate response of our Japanese business partner to market tendencies as well as a great opportunity to take advantage of the favourable economic circumstances in the trade – observes Andrzej Walendowicz, Sales Director in KLIMA-THERM.

The novelties in the AIRSTAGE VRF AHU section announced for 2017 are supplemented with a line of new controllers and communication interfaces. The wide range of FUJITSU solutions designed for Home and Office is going to include new central controllers and interfaces: BACnet provided in a version that does not require an additional computer and KNX which allows communication with more units. FUJITSU is also going to introduce two new models of simple cable controllers equipped with big illuminated LCD screens and a new function button as devices especially dedicated to hotel applications. The SYSTEM CONTROLLER control software also offers some interesting modifications including new solutions enabling control of outdoor units with the use of the ModBus protocol.

The plans of FUJITSU for the year 2017 are also going to befocused around the development of the group of smaller RAC and PAC units. The manufacturer is continuously and actively looking for agents alternative for R410A which reflects the general tendency in the field concentrated on exploring new, pro-ecological solutions. One of the palpable effects the newest wall air conditioning unit NOCRIA X Dual Blaster using the R32 agent.

- Compared to R410A, R32 agent is mainly distinguished by lower potential of creating greenhouse effect as well as 10% higher energy efficiency and its volume is approximately 30% smaller. Due to that the agent load is reduced which, in turn, enables significant reduction of the heat exchanger and other elements’ dimensions. At the same time R32 agent indicated higher efficiency at very low outside temperatures – enumerates Michał Zalewski – Manager of the Training Section in KLIMA-THERM.

NOCRIA X Dual Blaster is not only a new agent, though. This unique air conditioning unit with its cooling power ranging from 2.5 kW to 3.5 kW, which is going to appear on our market soon, combines innovative construction and futuristic design. Nocria X series, apart from the main air supply located at the front of the device, is equipped with two additional side diffusers directing air supply in the cooling and heating mode which ensures almost perfect distribution of air and temperature without the effect of so called ‘dead zones’ and significantly lower times of reaching set temperature requirements. Other important advantages of the unit include a system of automatic filter clearing, move detector as well as the highest A+++ energy efficiency class at high working parameters SEER 8.5 and SCOP 5.1.

There are also some incoming changes in the Multi Split AHU devices: FUJITSU is going to expand its portfolio with MULTI 5 and MULTI 6 systems (designed for 5 and 6 indoor units), and the Simultaneous Multi System is going to be supplemented with a possibility of connecting up to 4 indoor AHUs.

The long list of FUJITSU innovations for the year 2017 is topped with a new ‘FGLair’ smartphone application enabling remote air conditioning unit control as well as software updates – concerning both design i.e. DESIGN SIMULATOR, MULTISELECTOR, CDF Analytics as well as service i.e. SERVICE TOOL and Mobile Technician

- There is no doubt that the forthcoming year 2017, with regard to planned modifications and innovations in the FUJITSU brand’s portfolio, looks incredibly interesting making the offer of KLIMA-THERM Group even more competitive and attractive when it comes to constantly changing needs and growing expectations of Clients – underlines Ewa Pilarska – Marketing and PR Director in KLIMA-THERM Group. – The innovations and novelties demonstrated during the Chillventa trade fair only confirm the top competence of FUJITSU GENERAL in delivering state-of-the-art solutions in the field of air conditioning of comfort which are human and environment friendly, providing rational attitude towards investment budgets as well as favouring optimization of expenses related to regular operation of devices – underlines Ewa Pilarska.

The Chillventa trade fair, which took place between 11th and 13th October in Nurnberg, constitutes one of the biggest trade exhibitions in Europe that are fully devoted to the latest trends in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps. Chillventa can be regarded a specific outpost of forthcoming changes and market novelties. Producers present devices which are soon implemented in their regular sales offer. For FUJITSU GENERAL the past edition of the trade fair in Nurnberg constituted a marvelous opportunity to announce their innovative technological solutions planned for 2017.