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Fujitsu - smart phone applications

Added on: 07.06.2013

Fujitsu MultiSelector


Fujitsu Multi Selector makes it easy and fast to select a proper indoor unit based on any configuration of selected indoor units. The Program offers high flexibility in creating an own system: we can link up to 8 freely chosen indoor units among many available FUJITSU Multi Split models (also the latest ones) to one outdoor unit.

MultiSelector immediately shows if a selected choice remains in the maximal cooling and heating efficiency. The best cooling and heating parameters can be reached only by suitable, most optimal choice of devices, which will be indicated by the application.

MultiSelector offers an option to save a given choice together with the parameters – in the form of a PDF-file report sent to any e-mail address.


The application is prepared for the iPhone and Android platforms, and it can be downloaded free in the App Store and Android PlayZone or used in the PC-version at: For MultiSelect application.



Error Code Application


The application enables instant help in reading error codes for FUJITSU devices (from the 2013 product catalogue). After entering a selected error code, appears its name and description in 3 classifications: basic, support and detailed. The application can be used in different language versions – also in Polish.

The application works on the iPhone platform, and can be downloaded free in the App Store.

For the application download one needs the ‘authentication code’, which is enabled upon sending an email to: airconditioner-cs@fujitsu-general.com entitled: ‘Error Code Application Registration’. The email should contain the name, last name, company name, and purpose of the application use.