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FUJITSU to sponsor Eurozet radio broadcasts

Added on: 11.06.2021
Klima-Therm is scheduled to continue its radio campaign launched in May. For the next several weeks, FUJITSU sponsorship jingles will accompany popular programmes broadcast on Radio ZET, Antyradio, Chillizet and Meloradio – stations that belong to the Eurozet media group.

The main objective of the sponsorship campaign is to build awareness of the FUJITSU brand in the context of superior quality air conditioning units, which are intended for both single-family houses and the housebuilding industry as a whole.

The 8-second FUJITSU sponsor credits will be broadcast at various times of the day, alongside popular Radio ZET, Antyradio, Chillizet and Meloradio programmes, also alongside context-related weather forecasts. According to preliminary media assumptions, the advertising message encouraging interest in FUJITSU air conditioners in high summer temperatures will reach over 7 million people from the so-called commercial target group of 25–55 year-olds.

The campaign in Eurozet radio stations is a continuation of FUJITSU’S advertising presence on the radio, which began in May on RMF FM and RFM Classic airwaves. The decision to intensify sponsorship activities during the so-called sales peaks was made by Klima-Therm mainly with a view to supporting the commercial activities of the Distributors and Service Providers who form a nationwide network of authorised FUJITSU brand partners.