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FUJITSU VRF Airstage systems get EUROVENT certificate

Added on: 29.06.2015

VRF Airstage air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant flow by FUJITSU have successfully undergone the certification process in accordance with globally recognized EUROVENT standards. The obtained certificate confirms the accordance of technical specification provided by the manufacturer and constitutes a warranty of top quality and reliability of workmanship of FUJITSU units at the same time.

EUROVENT ASSOCIATION – an independent organization of the trade for European manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning units has awarded FUJITSU GENERAL EUROPE (GmbH) - the European branch of the Japanese corporation with the EUROVENT certificate for VRF Airstage systems. The document confirms the accordance of the technical specification of units with the actual state, with regard to the cooling capacity and energy efficiency declared by FUJITSU in particular.

- The EUROVENT certificate mostly constitutes a warranty of top quality and reliability of workmanship concerning VRF FUJITSU systems. It guarantees to both investors and designers that units we offer fully meet the requirements concerning technical parameters provided by the manufacturer. This is trustworthy, as it has been confirmed by an independent institution, evidence of compatibility of information included in the product catalogue and FUJITSU AHU selection software with the major principles of a designed HVACR system – underlines Mr Andrzej Walendowicz – the Vice President of the Board and the Chief Commercial Officer in KLIMA-THERM S.A. - a company which operates as the General Representative of FUJITSU GENERAL in Poland.

Obtaining the certificate for VRF Airstage systems has expanded the participation of FUJITSU GENERAL EUROPE in the EUROVENT international standards certification scheme – the manufacturer has submitted the Split and Multi Split type product groups for certification so far.

Further details concerning the scope of certification for FUJITSU VRF Airstage systems are available on the EUROVENT website.