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In November KLIMA-THERM starts a cycle of ENERGY-EFFICIENT PROJECT trainings

Added on: 24.10.2016

KLIMA-THERM company would like to invite the HVACR designers to the free trainings on Solar Cool technology and Yanmar gas heat pumps, which application effectively increases energy efficiency of the air-conditioning systems design. The trainings series starts in Poznan on 16th November.


The SolarCool thermal systems and YANMAR gas heat pumps are modern solutions, which allow to reduce the need for electric energy of HVACR systems even up to 70%, that significantly helps to decrease the operating charges.


SolarCool technology is a complete solution that finds application in the cooling systems. Additionally, SolarCool can constitute a complement to the most of existing split, multi split and VRF systems – operating both in cooling and heating mode, chilled water units, condensing units as well as refrigeration and heating systems. The main benefit of the SolarCool technology application are savings in the costs of cooling system operation. SolarCool systems are covered by international patents and were implemented in more than 6 000 installations, by such corporation as INTEL, APPLE, MERCEDES-BENZ and TEXACO over the last three years.


While the YANMAR gas heat pumps are energy efficiency units used to generate heat and cold in VRF systems as well as in the systems based on chilled water units. The main benefit of the YANMAR gas heat pump is the minimum electric energy requirement – up to 90% lower in comparison with compressors of units supplied with conventional electric motor. This unit is also characterized by the ability to maintain the nominal heating capacity in low temperatures – unique for our climate.


This year, SolarCool and YANMAR brands has been introduced to the offer of KLIMA-THERM GROUP, which is an exclusive distributor of these products in Poland.


The cycle of free trainings will consist of 22 seminars, which are organized in 19 cities in the whole Poland. The meeting program includes such important points as the analysis of efficiency and profitability of SolarCool and Yanmar units application, review of legislation and design rules for air-conditioning installation with use of these units.


The application for participation can be submitted by e-mail sent to the KLIMA-THERM representative or through the Akademia KLIMA-THERM website. Subscription for the further trainings will be available on the academy website (link) at a later time.