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"Ji Hatsu Kan" - "Innovation & Globalization" history of Fujitsu General

Added on: 12.04.2018

In its head office in Kawasaki City, Fujitsu General opened “Ji Hatsu Kan”, an exhibition which documents the milestones of 80-years-old history of the company’s products and development. The exhibition, which is a showroom at the same time, is includes three zones joined under the company’s corporate slogan “Innovation and Globalization Providing a Brand New Tomorrow to Everyone on Earth”.



“Ji Hatsu Kan” can be translated as “interactive archive”. Covering a floor area of 240 m2, this private archive introduces the company’s historical records, its products and developmental stages from a wholesaler into a world-leading manufacturer.

The exhibition commemorates historical moments that had a significant impact on the progress of technological thought and the globalization of groundbreaking solutions. Fujitsu General’s pioneer product, exhibited as a product symbolizing the corporate slogan “Innovation and Globalization”, is the window type cooling-only air conditioner, the first device that the company exported to overseas markets. Devices that represent the “Innovation” aspect, which enables Fujitsu General to continue to appeal to the market, are shown in the zone related to the product’s history. The exhibits in this zone include the Minmin cassette type cooling- only air conditioner, Mighty Compact incorporating the λ type heat exchanger, and the Nocria X model incorporating Dual Blaster side fans. In the 3rd zone, the company’s historical stages during which Fujitsu General has been transformed from a wholesaler into a global manufacturer are introduced.

“Ji Hatsu Kan” is not just an exhibition of air conditioning devices which are the company's main product today. In the past, Fujitsu General was a famous producer of TV sets, radios and vacuum tube radios which can be seen in the Kawasaki showroom and can be used even now.

“Interactive archive” is intended mostly for employees, but also it is assumed that Fujitsu customers and trade partners will be allowed to visit. At present, it is not intended to be open to the public.