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Klima-Therm a member of the Polish Energy Storage Association

Added on: 23.03.2022
Klima-Therm has joined the Polish Energy Storage Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Magazynowania Energii) – an organisation focused on the transformation of the Polish energy sector and the development of the energy storage industry. PESA members have access to the latest knowledge related to low- and zero-emission energy solutions and have a real influence on the course of legislative work aimed at popularising energy storage and distributed energy solutions.


The Polish Energy Storage Association was established in 2020. Its mission is to support the transformation process of the Polish energy sector with significant participation of energy storage facilities as an essential element in building a modern, low-emission energy system in Poland.


PESA comprises leading companies actively working to increase energy efficiency and develop energy storage systems. Klima-Therm has become a member of the Association as a result of strategic expansion plans in the area of Renewable Energy Sources (RES):


- "The focus of Klima-Therm Group is to supply its clients with the most advanced heating, air conditioning and ventilation technologies based on renewable energy sources" – explains Paweł Deska, Technical Director at Klima-Therm. - "The core of our RES product portfolio are ecological air-to-water heat pumps and mechanical ventilation heat recovery units. The second pillar in which the company is investing heavily are solutions used in low- and zero-energy buildings: in addition to photovoltaic modules, PV inverters, valve sets and fan coil units, in the near future Klima-Therm is also planning to expand its product range with energy storage systems and hybrid battery inverters. I am convinced that our development strategy in the RES segment matches perfectly the statutory assumptions of the Polish Energy Storage Association, and as an active member of the Association, we will jointly create a system of new energy solutions for the consumer market" – adds Paweł Deska.


PESA participates in legislative work and helps to shape non-legislative measures, in addition to carrying out educational and informational activities. It promotes safety standards for the use of energy storage systems while taking into account legal, technical and economic security.


More information about PESA: https://psme.org.pl/