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KLIMA-THERM - a student-friendly company

Added on: 26.06.2014

KLIMA-THERM has been actively involved in the realization of its original project called ‘Technical Universities with KLIMA-THERM” for more than 7 years now. The key purpose of the project is providing support for academic circles in the process of educating students of technical universities – future specialists in the HVACR trade. So far the KLIMA-THERM Academy’s coaches have taken part in the series of trainings called ‘A Practical Engineer’ organized by the Technical University of Gdańsk. There have already been five such trainings held for approximately 80 students from Gdańsk in our training centre in Gdańsk. The trainings concerned the issues of heat recovery, FUJITSU VRF systems as well as KLIMA-THERM by CLINT ice water units.

„Air comfort and heating facilities based on VRF systems and radiation panels "
„Heat recovery in air conditioning and heating systems – free cooling, heat recovery systems”

Another training and a visit of students in the Gdańsk training centre is scheduled for 11th July, this time the Academy will be host students from the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw.

The KLIMA-THERM Academy’s branch in Katowice that has been operating for more than a year now, has also carried out a series of trainings for academic circles of southern Poland. One of them – organized for the students of the Technical University of Cracow also included a visit to the KLIMOR production facility in Gdynia. In addition, within the operation of the training centre in Katowice, KLIMA-THERM took part in the Kliwent Event Conference held on 5th June by the students of the KLIWENT Science Club operating at AGH UST in Cracow. One of the lecturers at the conference was Mr Tomasz Labuda – a representative of KLIMA-THERM who made a speech on air conditioning solutions based on ice water systems. During the conference KLIMA-THERM received an official ‘Student-Friendly Company’ certificate awarded by AGH UST – Thank you very mch!

Within the active operation of the ‘Technical Universities with KLIMA-THERM’ scheme, KLIMA-THERM company has initiated regular cooperation with several academic centres in Poland. The cooperation covers, among other things, creation of teaching posts, regular organization of lectures and meetings with students, practical laboratory classes in KLIMA-THERM Academy in Gdańsk and Katowice, participation in trade job fair, attractive traineeships and apprenticeships as well as awards for the authors of the best theses. The scheme has also brought about the construction of the KLIMA-THERM S.A. trade room organized in the Air Conditioning and Heating Unit in the Technical University of Warsaw and the installation of the FUJITSU MULTI 8 system in the Environmental Engineering unit’s reading room. We have also handed over some air conditioning units for demonstration and research purposes including a duct FUJITSU air conditioning unit for the Technical University of Białystok, a wall and a duct FUJITSU air conditioning unit for the Technical University of Cracow, a CLINT ice water unit for the Technical University of Poznań and a duct FUJITSU air conditioning unit for the Technical University of Wrocław.

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