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Klima-Therm adds KAISAI photovoltaic modules to its product range

Added on: 05.05.2021
Klima-Therm is expanding its portfolio to include (PV) photovoltaic modules, which will be distributed under the KAISAI brand. After air-to-water heat pumps and air handling units with recuperation, the PV modules are yet another new range of Klima-Therm Group’s environmentally-friendly products from the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) segment. In this way, the company is entering its next stage of developing solutions used in low- and zero-energy buildings, which are compliant with the guidelines of the Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 (PEP 2040).

Photovoltaics technology, which converts solar energy into electricity, is one of the most important and dynamically developing RES solutions. By enhancing the main range of energy-efficient thermal comfort systems with PV panels, Klima-Therm Group contributes to the implementation of the main objective of the European Union’s energy transformation, which is the protection of the natural environment. This aim is to be achieved by improving air quality, systematic reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels emitting CO2, and simultaneous reduction of energy production costs and energy consumption itself.

- A responsible and environmentally-friendly approach to our business is one of our key priorities. The devices offered by Klima-Therm Group respond to the ongoing changes in legislation and the policy of the European Union, which proposes, among others, the electrification of the heating sector, as well as of the space heating and cooling segment based on the growing share of RES. In accordance with the Energy Policy of Poland until 2040, the heating needs of all households are to be met by system heating and by zero- or low-emission individual sources with a considerable share of heat pumps and photovoltaic installations – explains Paweł Deska, Technical Director at KLIMA-THERM Group and adds: - The development of the RES sector in Poland is fostered not only by legislative changes but also by the financial support programmes implemented on a national and local level, the country’s technological progress, which lowers the cost of RES investments and, most importantly, the change in social awareness when it comes to the importance of pro-environmental campaigns and economic benefits resulting from green energy and the so-called clean heating.

The conversion of sunlight into electricity by means of modules forming photovoltaic panels provides an efficient and stable source of green energy. KAISAI’s monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, which come in three primary power ranges – STPXXXS/350-370/360-380/435-455, are characterised by a special cell design that allows for lower currents. This significantly improves their efficiency and also reduces losses due to partial shading and cell wear while increasing their solar energy conversion capacity. They can withstand the force of wind and harsh operating conditions. All models of KAISAI solar modules have a 25-year performance guarantee and full certification confirmed by an accredited independent VDE Institute.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology, which uses renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, heat pumps and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, results in the creation of the so-called passive house system, which makes use of its own energy sources. In practice, the integration of these solutions means that both heating and electricity costs can be reduced almost to zero for the household members, and the system is largely independent of external heat and electricity suppliers. This makes renewable energy sources a global megatrend that has an impact on various sectors of the economy, including the HVACR equipment segment. For this reason, Klima-Therm Group is planning to continuously develop its portfolio of RES products in order to achieve a 20% share of this segment in the company’s revenues in 2022.


- The focus of Klima-Therm Group is to supply its clients with the latest heating, air conditioning and ventilation technologies based on renewable energy sources. The company aims to achieve this objective by developing a complementary range of RES products, first of all by focusing on intensifying sales of air-to-water heat pumps to achieve at least a 19% share in the market and by increasing the volume of heat recovery modules sold. The second and currently ongoing stage is to extend Klima-Therm’s product range with photovoltaic modules, and – in the next stage – to expand the range of available solutions with energy storage systems along with complementary solutions such as PV inverters, valve sets, fan coil units and hybrid batteries with inverters. We are confident that these products are perfectly compatible with the current trends, providing us with another opportunity for the dynamisation of our enterprise – emphasises Wojciech Białas, Commercial Director of the KAISAI brand.

KAISAI photovoltaic modules are available through the KAISAI sales network – the list of business partners of the brand is available here: [Where to buy].

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