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Klima-Therm and consultants discuss current industry issues – “Business Breakfast” 2019

Added on: 29.10.2019
In October, Klima-Therm Group delivered another series of workshops addressed to HVACR system consultants. The events held in Katowice, Warsaw and Gdańsk had the form of business breakfast meetings combined with a panel headed by Klima-Therm and Klimor product engineers, with the participation of foreign guests – the representatives of the Italian corporation G.I. Holding. More than 50 people took part in this networking event.

“Business Breakfast by Klima-Therm” is a project comprising periodic meetings of experts – consultants (designers) and engineers – accompanied by lectures on the most current topics in the HVACR industry and a delicious selection of breakfast options. This year’s edition of the event opened with a discussion of the latest solutions developed to maintain internal parameters in IT rooms. The panel was headed by experts on Montair precision air conditioners – the representatives of G.I. Industrial Holding SPA, an Italian company which has cooperated with Klima-Therm since 2007. During the second part of the training, Klima-Therm and Klimor engineers discussed technical issues related to the selection and optimisation of DX cooling system and automation on the example of Klimor air handling units and Fujitsu condensing units.

– Interesting topics presented using a perspective that is particularly important from a consultant’s point of view, supported by concrete examples – these are the founding assumptions of the project – underlines Michał Zalewski, Training Division Manager at Klima-Therm and one of the hosts of the “Business Breakfast” workshops. – The overriding purpose of the event, held in the convention of business breakfast meetings, is to correctly identify the needs of the designers and translate them into optimal product solutions, adequate to the expectations of key beneficiaries of the design process: investors and users, while taking into account current legal regulations and latest technological and environmental trends – adds Michał Zalewski.

The “Business Breakfast by Klima-Therm” meetings took place on 23–25 October at Klima-Therm Group Academy’s three training centres: in Gdańsk, Warsaw and Katowice. In Gdańsk, the consultants were invited to the top, terrace floor of the Olivia Business Centre STAR building, where the workshop participants not only had the opportunity to admire the seaside panorama of the Tri-City but could also see one of the largest completed projects by Klima-Therm Group, based on Clint chillers. The prestigious Olivia Business Centre complex uses systems with a total cooling capacity of nearly 10 MW, which were supplied by Klima-Therm.

Klima-Therm Group aims to develop a series of lectures intended for HVACR consultants by combining smaller stationary workshops of a networking nature – dedicated to industry members – with a series of webinars, i.e. interactive lectures delivered online.