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Klima-Therm and Reflex on the latest developments in central heating systems

Added on: 03.08.2022
The training programme – a joint initiative of both companies to further the development of the heating market in Poland – was held before the summer holidays at the Klima-Therm Group Academies in Katowice, Warsaw and Gdańsk. The lectures, attended by several dozens of designers collaborating with both Klima-Therm and Reflex, discussed practical issues related to the latest design trends in heating and refrigeration.

The "Designer Academy" opened with Klima-Therm's presentation on the advancement of the heating equipment market. This was followed by a discussion of bivalent and cascade systems which use Klima-Therm by Clint's high-efficiency heat pumps dedicated to multifamily buildings, which the distributor launched on the Polish market in 2022. Reflex, in turn, demonstrated the negative effects of gases in heating and refrigeration systems and focused on methods of their removal using the Servitec vacuum degassing system. Training attendees were also introduced to advanced automatic pressurisation systems which use the Reflex – Variomat system.

"Designing advanced central heating systems for commercial and multi-unit residential buildings using heat pump systems" – watch the video on the training courses co-organised by Klima-Therm and Reflex


- "The cooperation of Reflex and Klima-Therm in creating these training courses provides a comprehensive compendium of information on heating systems: Klima-Therm is responsible for the heat source and Reflex for the consumption," explains Michał Zalewski, Training Division Manager at Klima-Therm, and adds: - "In the case of heat pumps, the combination of a properly selected heat source and a well-designed collection system is undoubtedly the key to satisfying the requirements of the heating system users.

Klima-Therm, a group of companies with an international reach, has been active in the market of air conditioning, ventilation and heating system suppliers for over 25 years and is a Polish HVACR industry leader. Currently, the company is dynamically developing its product range related to renewable energy solutions (RES), with a focus on air-to-water heat pumps used for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation.

The company Reflex is part of the German WINKELMANN GROUP GmbH+Co.KG. It is Europe's largest manufacturer of expansion vessels and a leading supplier of pressurisation systems, in addition to water heaters and buffer tanks. Reflex units are state-of-the-art solutions for heating, cooling and solar systems which offer an exceptionally wide range of applications while being renowned for their superior workmanship.