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Klima-Therm by Clint – new product arrivals

Added on: 29.05.2019
Low GWP R452B and R513A refrigerants, new energy-efficient units and various new accessories – these are the most important product arrivals of the Italian Clint brand, which are now available for Klima-Therm clients.


Klima-Therm initiated the launch of new products in the sector of chilled water systems with a series of internal technical and product training workshops aimed at the sales structure. The training took place in May at three centres of the Klima-Therm Academy – in Katowice, Warsaw and Gdańsk. The workshops were organised in cooperation with the Clint brand equipment manufacturer – G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING SPA


During the training, the participants were introduced to the latest solutions used in Klima-Therm by Clint chilled water systems. These include a range of units which use the new, ecological R452B refrigerant with the GWP coefficient of 675, which shows a global warming potential reduced by 65% in comparison to R410A. What is important is that the entire series of the units which use the new R452B refrigerant is Eurovent certified and fully complies with the ErP directive. Klima-Therm clients will also be able to choose between alternative solutions based on R513A (GWP = 647) and R1234ze refrigerants from the HFO refrigerant group (GWP <1). By introducing new refrigerants in its chilled water systems, Klima-Therm by Clint addresses the ongoing legislative changes and new EU directives aimed at reducing the impact of refrigerants on the natural environment, among other aspects.

In addition to the new arrivals scheduled for the second half of the year, there will also be other new products, including an innovative model of the multifunctional unit from the Energy Power CHA/Y/EP 1352÷4402 series, which is equipped with inverter compressors as standard. Another novelty will be the FIW/AP 23÷74 fan coil unit fitted with a high static pressure EC fan. Moreover, the Clint brand will gain many new accessories, such as the option of an external water connection to the unit, protection of Cu/Al exchangers with an epoxy coating, high static pressure EC fans, the possibility of using inverter screw compressors – one or all of them per unit, and finally the option of using circulation pumps for both heating and cooling in multifunctional units.

As part of informative activities linked to the new products of Klima-Therm by Clint chilled water systems, the company is planning to publish the main product catalogue and several supplementary publications dedicated, among others, to environmentally-friendly solutions used in chillers and heat pumps. The new product arrivals will be introduced with technical training sessions aimed at designers of chilled water systems, which will take place in June at the new headquarters of the Italian G.I. Holding in Latisana near Venice.