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KLIMA-THERM ensures the highest quality of incentive programs for FUJITSU partners!

Added on: 30.07.2015

KLIMA-THERM continuously raises competence level of its sales offer, providing at the same time more and more attractive package of incentive tools dedicated for FUJITSU distributors and installers. At a half way of the exclusive „ American Dream” Sales Support Program the company offers valuable prizes, as well as encourage next installation companies to actively participate in competition for the life journey to the west coast of United States of America.


KLIMA-THERM at the beginning of this year announced the third edition of the exclusive „Experience the adventure climate” Sales Support Program dedicated for FUJITSU authorized partners. This year prestigious "American Dream" edition is an announcement of exclusive main prize – life journey to the west coast of United States of America, including a legendary Ford Mustang ride through the infinite Grand Canyon or admiring Las Vegas panorama from helicopter board! These are just few of planned attractions so we would like to encounter all FUJITSU authorized partners to actively participate in the program and to compete for this extraordinary prize! Each of you can win! The "American Dream" program reached its half-way in June. So all accumulated "klimacents" can be used by registered participants to choose valuable prizes which are useful in business operations. The program is enhanced with special product offers as well as competitions enabling gaining additional points and "klimacents" and which also are a real chance to get many prizes and win trips, including "all inclusive" vacation at Crete!

"Motivating our partners, competitiveness of our sales offer and the highest quality of FUJITSU products are key to understand and implement efficient pro-sales solutions. Premium class product requires the best marketing support tools so that is why we proudly offer selected and customized luxurious destinations worldwide to our loyal partners" – said Ewa Pilarska, Marketing and PR Director in KLIMA-THERM Group.

After trips to Japan, China, Thailand and Jordan, which were held in previous years, this year KLIMA-THERM has invited its customers to join an extraordinary catamaran voyage at the most attractive Caribbean places.

On 14-22 of March the FUJITSU distributors who have won the main prize of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" Sales Support Program, were happy to discover charms of British Virgin Islands during a one-week cruise including the training. Whereas one week later, on 21-29 of March, employees of KLIMA-THERM Group discovered charm of this archipelago, taking part in a training expedition, as a reward for realization of the sales plan. Based on the KLIMA-THERM invitation in this year unique cruise among 10 most beautiful Caribbean islands participated 70 people all together!

We believe that our customers and employees had some opportunity to enjoy active traveling experience and relaxation, gaining at the same time lots of positive energy helpful for continuing our current, yet more attractive edition of the "American Dream" program, where we would like to invite all our active FUJITSU partners!

If you represent an installation company and would like to take part in the competition, please visit www.poznaj-klimat.pl web page and sign up to the Program or contact local FUJITSU distributor to learn more! The adresses are available at www.klima-therm.pl.