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Klima-Therm expands its company fleet

Added on: 04.12.2018

Klima-Therm has expanded its vehicle fleet with 13 new Volkswagen Transporter delivery and utility vans. The newly purchased vehicles, dedicated to installation and service teams, in addition to being equipped with various solutions needed at work, have also received a special wrap design to strengthen the recognition of the company and the Klima-Therm brand. Currently, Klima-Therm Group’s vehicle fleet comprises more than 160 passenger cars and delivery vans.


The latest purchase, which enlarges the fleet of company vehicles used by Klima-Therm Group, has become a part of the specialised technical fleet. These 13 new vehicles are identical models of Volkswagen Transporter Furgon delivery vans, version 2.0 TDI 150 KM with an automatic direct-shift gearbox and professional service equipment, which includes a special module bodywork system located in the cargo area. The choice of brand and model of the vans, as well as the selection of accessories and non-standard equipment, were aimed to increase the comfort and safety of work of Klima-Therm’s installation and service teams.


The newly purchased fleet of delivery vans has also received an original and characteristic brand wrap designed to build a professional image of Klima-Therm as one of the largest companies on the Polish market of suppliers of air-conditioning and ventilation solutions. This branding is primarily aimed at strengthening the recognition of the company by acting as an advertising medium.


In total, Klima-Therm currently owns a fleet of 160 passenger cars and vans. The vast majority of these are modern and environmentally friendly Toyota hybrid vehicles purchased in 2017. The purchase and management of vehicles within Klima-Therm Group are performed by the internal fleet department.