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Klima-Therm Group a triple winner in the “Leader in Installation” competition

Added on: 07.05.2020
The jury of the 2020 edition of the “Leader in Installation” (“Lider Instalacji”) competition awarded Klima-Therm Group as many as three prestigious industry awards. The awards recognised the innovative character of the new range of Klimor EVO ventilation units and of the newest series of Kaisai ONE air conditioners. The crowning award, when considering the entirety of image building activities conducted to the benefit of the Klima-Therm brand, is the award received in the category “Marketing and market development”.


The originator of the “Leader in Installation” biennial competition is Medium Group and “Rynek Instalacyjny” (“Installation Market”) magazine. The jury made up of independent experts – representatives of universities, trade and consumer organisations – assesses the submitted products in terms of their innovativeness and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as marketing activities and the popularisation of modern technologies. This year’s award ceremony is scheduled to take place on 18-19 November 2020, at the Instalacje Trade Show in Poznań.


Klima-Therm Group became a triple winner in this year’s edition of the competition, receiving as many as three awards in two leading categories. In the category “Ventilation and air conditioning”, the statuette of the “Leader in Installation 2020” was awarded to the new series of air handling units Klimor EVO, which are the company’s response to market demand in terms of efficiency, versatility and optimal solution selection. Another product which has won the acclaim of the jury is the split wall-mounted air conditioner Kaisai ONE (KRX) – an energy-saving device which combines high-performance parameters and modern design with an exceptional simplicity of installation, maintenance and cleaning. The two product awards are accompanied by a third statuette awarded in the category “Marketing and market development”. This recognition is the crowning of Klima-Therm Group’s image building and sales-focused activities which are aimed at acknowledging the company as the leader in the HVACR sector in Poland.


The “Leader in Installation 2020” awards enlarge the existing portfolio of several dozen prestigious awards and distinctions which Klima-Therm Group has accumulated over almost 25 years of its active presence in the air conditioning and ventilation sector.