Added on: 20.05.2013

May 2013 witnessed the launch of a new, specialized training-research centre right at the heart of Katowice. The centre functions within the ‘KLIMA-THERM Academy’ project, which eyes primarily the rise of qualifications among specialists in the air-conditioning and ventilation branch. The goal is also to widen the knowledge on latest solutions across products, technologies and constructions. It is the first Academy facility in the southern Poland and the second educational centre of the KLIMA-THERM group in general. The launch of the new facility in Katowice correlated with the closing time of the modernizational works conducted in the other Academy facility in Gdańsk, which was erected in the year of 2007.


Among those taking part in the launching celebrations of the Katowice KLIMA-THERM Academy on May 16th were the Fujitsu Distributors, Designers and Investors from the southern region. In attendance one could see also media representatives, and the board members and fellow KLIMA-THERM Group employees as well. The launching lecture was run by Jarosław Muller, a doctor and engineer of Cracow Technical University. The symbolic ribbon was scissored by the Board Chairman Daniel Jaśkiewicz and Fujitsu-General Ltd. concern representatives: General Manager Yasushu Asunama and Training Manager Akimasa Shirai.


The KLIMA-THERM Group Academy in Katowice sits at the area of 194 m2 and is made up of two laboratory rooms, one lecture hall and a social support facility, indispensible for the service of large training groups. All specialized halls are equipped with various air-conditioning devices with full working mode functionality within cooling and heating. The devices include the state-of-the-art FUJITSU systems: VRF V-II, VRF J-II, steering system – touch panels and central panel, and the MULTI 8 system – enjoying total cooling power of 43kW in the systems of direct expantion.


Moreover, to facilitate training activities, the Academy was also equipped with the WATERSTAGE FUJITSU heating pump, a set of climate convectors, the KLIMA-THERM by Clint chillers. As for ventilation in the laboratory rooms, it is serviced by the KLIMOR ventilation switchboard with a rotary exchanger enjoying 1500 m3/h efficiency, and the KLIMA-THERM KCX recuperator. The installation process in the new Katowice KLIMA-THERM Academy centre was handled by the AIRCO company from Lędziny.


At the same time, the KLIMA-THERM Group Gdańsk Academy, which was launched in 2007, also underwent modernization and rebuilding, and its extended size amounts to 300 m2 at present. The centre in Gdańsk currently houses two laboratory facilities: FUJITSU and the KLIMOR-CLINT room. The Academy also comprises a computer hall and a separate canteen.


The training Centre has at its disposal all latest air-conditioning systems available in the KLIMA-THERM market offer. Among other things, a visitor can find: FUJITSU devices installed with a full functionality at 43kW of cooling power in systems of direct vaporizing: VRF V-II, VRF J-II with drivers and the BMS management system, the MULTI 8 system and the WATERSTAGE heating pump. The range of the above devices is extended by a group of climate convectors and the KLIMA-THERM ice water power set by Clint generating a total cooling power of 50kW. The Academy users will also enjoy the educational-research hall dedicated to regulating ice water systems, which makes it possible to test 6 basic methods of steering air radiators.



The KLIMOR training hall comprises a specialized ventilation switchboard of hygienic manufacture (MCKH) with a cross exchanger of 1500m3/h efficiency, the KLIMA-THERM KCX recuperator, an operational room ventilation system based on laminar air-flowed ceilings (NSL) and a re-circulation module (MRH) and whirl ventilators and air grates produced by KLIMOR. The installation of all the devices of KLIMA-THERMby Clint and KLIMOR was carried out by the TECHMAX company from Kwidzyn. The installation process in the FUJITSU room was conducted by the PRO-KLIM company from Gdynia.


We take great pride in our two superbly equipped training-research centres located in the north and south of Poland. We are able to guarantee both the participants and the lecturers as well the highest level of the training realization all across ventilation, air-conditioning and heating – said Michał Zalewski, Director of KLIMA-THERM Academy Training Department. – The spread of knowledge by means of highly specialized tools in the form of a profesionally prepared lecture and research halls constitutes an extraordinary opportunity to combine theory and practice.