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Klima-Therm Group achieves record sales growth

Added on: 08.02.2023
Klima-Therm Group closed 2022 with a sales growth rate exceeding 80 per cent. The company saw its revenues in Poland almost doubling year-on-year. Also, its sales in key markets in Europe and North America have increased considerably. These historically highest increases have taken Klima-Therm Group close to a level of one billion zlotys in turnover.

Such spectacular results achieved by Klima-Therm Group in 2022 were facilitated, among others, by the intensive sales growth of equipment manufactured under the company’s own brand – KAISAI. From a global perspective, the KAISAI brand has grown more than fourfold, with air-to-water heat pumps being the main driver of the recorded growth. The company has also achieved excellent results in two other principal business segments – it has boosted its revenues from the distribution of Fujitsu air conditioning units and the manufacture of Klimor air handling units.

Another source of increased dynamics of the company’s business are exports with a significant share of the KAISAI brand, which has increased its year-on-year sales in competitive foreign markets by several dozen percentage points.

- ‘In our 25 years of continued growth, we have now reached a watershed moment – we have moved from the stage of systematic growth to business scaling’ explained Daniel Jaśkiewicz, President of the Management Board of Klima-Therm Group and added: - ‘The business scale effect results primarily from multiplying our successes in the particularly promising segment of Renewable Energy Sources. By expanding our product range to include the most sought-after solutions, we have achieved a sales volume that exceeds our targets almost threefold. The company’s focus on scaling, backed by thorough analyses of opportunities and threats, also helps us to expand into foreign markets while benefiting the operational growth of our companies in Europe.’


The record-breaking financial results of Klima-Therm Group boost its significance in the sector of large enterprises, which, according to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), constitute only 0.2% of the total number of companies. In 2022 alone, the Polish companies owned by Klima-Therm Group paid as much as PLN 143.3 million in taxes and other public levies – that is three times the amount paid in the financial year of 2021.


In 2023, Klima-Therm Group forecasts to maintain a high level of revenue with a positive growth rate of several per cent.