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Klima-Therm Group consolidates its production activities

Added on: 22.11.2018

The Management Board of Klima-Therm Capital Group has decided to consolidate its production activities by merging the companies of Clima-Produkt and Barbor, purchased in June this year, with the Klimor enterprise. After the merger, which will take place on 2 January 2019, there will be one large manufacturer of air-conditioning and ventilation systems operating on the market under the KLIMOR brand, combining the resources and activities of all the three entities. Thanks to the synergy effect, Klima-Therm Group will have a greater competitive edge in the ventilation industry, and will strengthen its production potential.


The main objective of the consolidation process, consisting in the acquisition of Clima-Produkt and Barbor by Klimor, is the continuation of the dynamic development of Klima-Therm Group in the area of production of advanced ventilation devices. The potential of the merged entities will allow more efficient use of production capacities, equipment, know-how, expertise and human capital of each of the companies, as well as contribute to the optimisation of operating costs. After the formal merger scheduled for 2 January 2019, three production plants located in Gdynia, Pszczółki and Skowarcz (Pomorskie Province), with more than 300 employees in total, will operate under the KLIMOR brand.

– The decision to create one large entity that would have a real chance of becoming a leader in the ventilation industry was preceded by a thorough business analysis which took into account, among others, market, financial and organisational factors – said Daniel Jaśkiewicz, President of the Management Board of Klima-Therm Group. – We are convinced that the merger of companies with a similar profile, with extensive experience in the industry, using the strengths of each of the entities, is the right step in the development of the organisation which primarily aims to increase the competitiveness of Klima-Therm Group on the HVACR market. It plans to achieve this by comprehensively responding to the needs of its customers via its optimised product portfolio – emphasizes Daniel Jaśkiewicz.

Thanks to this consolidation, Klima-Therm Group will increase its production capacity, which in the near future will translate into shorter lead times. Further changes and improvements with the full use of the technological and HR potential will allow the company to intensify sales in Poland and abroad, among other things.

Currently, the management of Klima-Therm Group focuses on the formal side of the merger, the creation of a new organisational model and optimisation of key business activities, with production processes at the forefront. The standards and procedures in force at the Klimor plant in Gdynia will soon also apply to the other two plants in Pszczółki and Skowarcz. Moreover, the company is considering centralising all processes that are important in terms of cost efficiency; however, each of the three Klimor plants will remain operationally independent.

The consolidation scheduled for the beginning of 2019 will take place through the so-called incorporation, i.e. the transfer of all assets of Clima-Produkt Sp. z o.o. and Barbor Sp. z o.o. to Klimor Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdynia at ul. B. Krzywoustego 5. Along with the legally binding merger, Klimor will take over all formal obligations undertaken by Clima-Produkt and Barbor towards customers, business partners and employees of both companies.