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Klima-Therm Group presents its Annual Report 2018 and Company Profile

Added on: 22.08.2019
Klima-Therm Group presents the latest release titled “Annual Report 2018 & Company Profile”, concluding the 2018 fiscal year in the form of Consolidated Financial Statements Summary.

The Annual Report, apart from the Balance Sheet for 2018, also contains a number of information describing the business profile of Klima-Therm Group. The publication presents all the Group's Companies, highlighting their strengths and KPIs.

The latest publication is a comprehensive source of information on the Klima-Therm Group sales structure by market, product segment and by business operations (production vs. distribution). It also includes information on innovative projects implemented by the company, concerning the product area, sales support or investments in IT infrastructure.

The material is supplemented by the presentation of key events from the point of view of achieving medium- and long-term business objectives of the Klima-Therm Group. A special chapter of the Annual Report is devoted to the assumptions of sustainability and their fulfilment by the company based on good practices with regard to Environment, Client and Employee.

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