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Klima-Therm Group publishes its business activity report for 2022

Added on: 14.06.2023
Klima-Therm Group closed last year with revenues of almost one billion PLN and a growth rate of 75 per cent year-on-year. The company's record results are, first and foremost, down to making good use of the favourable economic climate in the RES equipment segment, as well as boosting sales in foreign markets. This and other information about Klima-Therm Group has been published as the "Annual Report 2022" – in compliance with ESG best practices for transparency in environmental, social and governance areas.
Such financial statements, accompanied by extensive information on all Group companies in Poland and abroad, individual business areas, key achievements and sustainability initiatives, have been published by Klima-Therm for over a decade. The Annual Report is the most important image-building and corporate publication through which the company fulfils its commitment to extended – i.e. financial and non-financial – reporting, carried out in accordance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria. 
The latest Report provides a summary of results from Klima-Therm Group's business operations in 2022, which led to record revenues of PLN 958 million – 75 per cent higher than in 2021. 
As the Owner of the Group and President of the Management Board of Klima-Therm Group, Daniel Jaśkiewicz emphasised in his commentary on the Annual Report, the company has recorded increases in all key categories but in particular, in the heat pump segment: “Air-to-water heat pumps were undoubtedly the best-selling product of the past year, with an estimated 200,000 units sold in Poland and 3 million across Europe. We made the most of the boosted interest in heat pumps, delivering almost ten times as many units to the market year on year.”
Among other factors that have significantly contributed to these record sales revenues, Daniel Jaśkiewicz mentions the systematic scaling of Klima-Therm Group's activities on the global stage: - "On the one hand, we are developing the activities of foreign companies, while on the other, we are effectively strengthening our exports. In 2022 alone, our European companies grew by 42 per cent, while in North America we recorded a 22 per cent growth in revenue. Export activities – implemented through active sales of Klima-Therm's own brands of KAISAI and Klimor – increased by as much as 54 per cent. We are growing in strength, becoming a global company. In this way, we are acquiring new contracts worldwide and building the potential for continued far-sighted development of the entire organisation” – explains the President of the Board.
The financial data of Klima-Therm Group for 2022 are presented in the condensed consolidated financial statements on pages 53 to 56 of the Report and are consistent with the audit report prepared by the independent statutory auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Audyt sp.k. dated 14 April 2023. 
We hope you take a look at the full content of Klima-Therm Group’s “Annual Report 2022 & Company Profile”. The material is available at www.klima-therm.com – both in Polish and English.
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