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Klima-Therm Group’s new eco fleet

Added on: 05.05.2020
In Q2 of 2020, Klima-Therm Group began replacing its car fleet with new Toyota models equipped with modern and environmentally friendly hybrid engines. As many as 110 passenger cars will be replaced in total, and the new vehicles, apart from their ecological engine, will be distinguished by a vast range of state-of-the-art solutions to increase the new fleet’s safety and comfort of use.

In line with the concept of sustainable development, Klima-Therm Group supports a number of pro-environmental initiatives aimed at minimising the negative impact of its business activity on the natural environment. Acting in accordance with the principles expressed with the motto “We care about Air”, the company introduced innovative hybrid cars to its fleet of vehicles used for professional purposes by Klima-Therm employees as early as three years ago. In April and May this year, more than 110 hybrid vehicles were exchanged for the latest Toyota models at all companies belonging to the Group.

– In all probability, we have one of the most modern car fleets in Poland. Thanks to many years of successful cooperation with the Toyota dealer Anro-Trade from Chwaszczyno, in such a short time we will be able to replace our entire fleet with the next generation of ecological, perfectly equipped passenger cars – explains Krzysztof Lemmle, Fleet and Administration Manager at Klima-Therm Group. Hybrid engines mean, above all, lower exhaust emissions, lower fuel consumption and lower wear of consumable parts. When we add to this a number of advanced driving support systems, we can be sure that our employees are provided with a modern tool that significantly increases the safety and comfort of business trips – adds Krzysztof Lemmle.

The newly purchased vehicle fleet has gained a characteristic brand wrap, consistent for all companies belonging to Klima-Therm Group. The design aims to build a professional image of Klima-Therm as one of the leading suppliers of air-conditioning and ventilation solutions in Poland. This branding is primarily aimed at strengthening the recognition of the company by acting as a brand identification and advertising medium.


Currently, Klima-Therm Group’s vehicle fleet comprises more than 170 passenger cars and delivery vans.

Photo by Marta Czaplicka Fotografia, Toyota Walder (Anro-Trade)