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Klima-Therm Group's sales team with a visit to a FUJITSU plant in Thailand

Added on: 21.11.2022
Several dozen members of the Klima-Therm Group's sales department spent a week in Thailand, undergoing training at one of Fujitsu General Limited's largest factories.


The training trip took place on 7–15 November. Nearly 40 Klima-Therm Group technical and commercial advisers – engineers and specialists in various fields – were provided with a unique opportunity to carefully examine the production process of FUJITSU air-conditioners and heat pumps.


One of the largest production complexes of the Japanese manufacturer FUJITSU General is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, approx. 120 km southeast of Bangkok. The training took place inside the key facilities of this factory, namely the R&D centre and the plants where air conditioners and fan units are produced. Training attendees were additionally introduced to the process of testing finished equipment.


The week-long stay in Thailand featured an extensive programme of supplementary activities, which included a sightseeing tour of Bangkok and a trip to the country's former capital Ayutthaya.

FUJITSU General Ltd is a strategic partner of Klima-Therm Group. The company has been acting as the general distributor of FUJITSU air conditioning and heat pump systems in Poland and Scandinavia since 1997.