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Klima-Therm hosted a meeting of SPIUG members

Added on: 14.12.2023
A pre-Christmas meeting of the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Heating Equipment (SPIUG), whose President is Janusz Starościk, was held in the Warsaw headquarters of Klima-Therm on December 12.

Participants in the meeting of leading manufacturing, distribution and installation companies associated with modern technologies for heat and hot water generation included dozens of representatives of member companies and invited guests of industry partner organizations, including Arkadiusz Węglarz of the National Energy Conservation Agency and Paweł Lachmann, POBE Coordinator and President of Port PC. Klima-Therm Group was represented by board members: Marek Kupiec, Andrzej Walendowicz and Jaroslaw Gawronski.

The meeting was dedicated to discussing trends, current challenges and prospects for the industry in the era of decarbonization of heating and the ongoing energy transition. The year 2023, which was coming to an end, also provided the perfect backdrop for summarizing the Association's activities and presenting SPIUG's priorities for 2024.

The event took place in a substantive, partnership atmosphere, and culminated in a pre-Christmas refreshment, accompanied by long, backstage conversations.

Klima-Therm would like to thank the SPIUG Association and all the guests for the opportunity to participate in the meeting in a double, honorable role: as an active member of the organization and at the same time the host of the event.