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Klima-Therm hosts the PORT PC meeting

Added on: 10.05.2019
On 9 May, the Klima-Therm Academy in Warsaw hosted a meeting of the Members of the Polish Organisation for the Development of Heat Pump Technology (PORT PC). The meeting was attended by several dozen representatives of companies and institutions actively involved in the development and promotion of heat pump technology in Poland.


PORT PC is an industry association whose primary objective are informative, educational and research activities. The organisation also focuses on tasks linked to the development of a quality management system in the heat pump sector, implementation of technical and certification standards and participation in legislative activities. All statutory activities initiated by PORT PC aim to promote the use of heat pumps, and consequently to popularise this environmentally-friendly technology among end customers.

The organisation currently comprises over 70 member companies – including manufacturers and distributors of heating and air-conditioning units, such as Klima-Therm Group.


We wish to thank PORT PC for this wonderful opportunity to host the meeting!