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Klima-Therm in Germany

Added on: 03.01.2022
We inform you that starting from 1 January 2022, German distribution company from the Klima-Therm Group: KAISAI (Euro) GmbH, will function under the brand Klima-Therm, changing its name to Klima-Therm GmbH.


The name change of our entity operating in Western Europe is principally aimed at increasing sales on foreign markets of strategic importance to the Klima-Therm Group. The Company is about to achieve that through building one strong, globally recognisable brand of the leader, which Klima-Therm undoubtedly is nowadays on the Polish market. The change also orders our business profile, harmonising the Company name on all markets where it operates.


German KAISAI GmbH was established in June 2018 in Dortmund. Its primary objective was to introduce KAISAI air conditioning units in Germany and Austria. With business development, the Company has extended its portfolio of equipment distributed, including by Klimor brand. Therefore, the name change is a natural consequence of the dynamic business process in German-speaking countries, and further plans for the Group’s international expansion.


Therefore, we consistently consolidate our distribution under the Klima-Therm brand which is recognisable both in Poland and abroad.

Currently, this part of the business is represented by the following:

  • Klima-Therm Sp. z o.o. (Poland),
  • Klima-Therm AB (Sweden),
  • Klima-Therm OY (Finland),
  • Klima-Therm OU (Estonia)
  • and the new entity in the Group: Klima-Therm GmbH (Germany).