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Klima-Therm is the ?Business Gazelle? for the sixth time!

Added on: 19.02.2018

Klima-Therm received the “2017 Business Gazelle” title in the 18th edition of the prestigious ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. The award is presented by the economic journal, Puls Biznesu, and choice is made based on the analysis developed by Coface Poland, one of the greatest economic credit bureaus in Poland. It is the 6th time when this bureau placed Klima-Therm among the most efficiently managed companies with financial soundness.


“Business Gazelles” is the most popular and the oldest ranking that promotes small and medium enterprises which reached the greatest turnover growth within the last three analyzed years. This project has continued from 2000 and has been developed by economic journals which belong to the Swedish publisher Bonnier. In Poland the ranking is developed by Puls Biznesu on the basis of financial analysis made by Coface Poland, a prestigious credit bureau. Similar rankings are made in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia.

“Business Gazella” is an identification mark of well-managed and financially sound small and medium enterprises. The criteria of the competition have not changed for many years. Reliability of the “Gazelles” is based on free and public participation, as well as on the statistic criteria.

- “Business Gazelle is an emblem of well-managed and transparent enterprises with growing business potential, so this award makes us proud of finding ourselves in such an honorable company.” – says Ewa Pilarska, Head of Marketing &PR Department in the Klima-Therm Group, and adds: “We would like to thank all our employees for their engagement and our clients for their trust, because we believe that these two factors are the measures of our success".

The initiative made by Puls Biznesu and Coface Poland includes not only 200-pages-long report on the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. It also consists of 10 meetings in the biggest Polish cities where prizes are awarded and discussions on the future and challenges of the small and medium enterprises sector are made. Klima-Therm will receive the “Business Gazelle” in Warsaw on 7th March during a celebration held in the Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre.