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Klima-Therm joins the Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association

Added on: 28.03.2022
In view of its active involvement in the Renewable Energy Sources sector, Klima-Therm has become a member of the Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association (Stowarzyszenie Branży Fotowoltaicznej – Polska PV) – a non-governmental organisation whose main objective is the advancement of the photovoltaic energy segment in Poland.


The Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association brings together the PV industry community – its members are equipment manufacturers, distributors and contractors. The Association plays an active role in conducting social consultations of legal acts concerning energy, prepares and publishes reports on the shape of the Polish photovoltaic market and participates in the preparation of guidelines and standards for PV installations.


Thanks to this membership, Klima-Therm will be able to actively participate in projects related to the promotion of photovoltaic energy, including the co-creation of the best practices in the selection, design and implementation of investments in PV systems and power stations.


- Klima-Therm's further expansion is focused primarily on the new opportunities given to the HVACR sector by the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) segment. The ongoing energy transition process in Poland receives a significant contribution from air-to-water heat pumps, which, in combination with photovoltaics, are perfectly suited to the idea of low- and zero-energy building. Not only do we want to offer customers a complementary range of RES products, but as one of the industry's leading suppliers, we feel jointly responsible for the effective implementation of climate policy in Poland, and it is with this mission in mind that we have joined the Polish Photovoltaic Industry Association – emphasises Paweł Deska, Technical Director at Klima-Therm.


The Association is one of the seven leading industry organisations that have signed the Industry Agreement for Energy Efficiency (POBE), working to improve the quality of the natural environment in an era of widespread modernisation of the building sector in Poland.


Click here for more information about the Association https://polskapv.pl/