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KLIMA-THERM launches a new series of ASP trainings

Added on: 28.09.2015

It has already been a month since the new series of ASP certification trainings (‘Authorized Service Partner’) dedicated to companies cooperating with KLIMA-THERM was initiated. By the end of this calendar year, the two KLIMA-THERM Academy’s centers located in Gdańsk and Katowice will have performed the total number of almost 40 lectures combined with practical classes. With a view to the autumn edition of trainings the lecture rooms of the Academy have been equipped with systems from the latest FUJITSU AIRSTAGE V-III offer and the Gdansk center’s training infrastructure has been additionally expanded with FUJITSU AIRSTAGE VR-II system, DX KIT modules and a complete BMS system.

The current edition of trainings takes 6 product fields subject to certification into consideration and they include the following: FUJITSU Split/ Multi Split air conditioning units, FUJITSU Airstage VRF systems, FUJITSU Waterstage heat pumps, KLIMA-THERM by CLINT and SABIANA ice water systems, MONTAIR precision air conditioning cupboards as well as COTES/ AERIAL dehumidifiers. The schedule of each of the trainings covers presentation of the current offer of units, training in the field of assembly, start-up and service as well as detailed instruction on warranty conditions and service cooperation with KLIMA-THERM. The training part is finished with a test which constitutes a basis for issuing an ASP certificate that entitles a subject to perform authorized assembly and service operations.

In order to register to an ASP training of your choice you must go to http://szkolenia.klima-therm.pl - a person interested in a particular training register themselves and, having done that, they receive information including the current status of their application as well as a complete package of necessary documents and an ASP agreement to the previously provided email address.

Authorized Service Partners cooperating with KLIMA-THERM who participated any of our trainings last year will have an opportunity to expand their certificate on the basis of a competence test. Already in October this year it will be possible to complete the test through an internet website.

We kindly encourage all interested in certification trainings covering the wide range of products distributed by KLIMA-THERM Group to register on our platform http://szkolenia.klima-therm.pl !