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Klima-Therm launches ASP Online training programme

Added on: 03.04.2020
Soon, the ASP authorization training programme will be extended with the possibility of obtaining or extending the certification by means of a professional e-learning platform. Klima-Therm announces that webinars will become a permanent part of certification training dedicated to its Service Partners and Distributors. Previously, the training took place exclusively in the form of stationary events – at Klima-Therm Group Academy’s three educational centres.

The first ASP online training courses will be held after Easter, replacing the training events which are already scheduled but which cannot take place in its usual form due to the current epidemiological situation. This will give the Klima-Therm Training Department an opportunity to test, among others, the technical aspects of webinars in their practical section, which requires that the issues discussed are visualised directly on the device. Trial training events will also allow the company to develop the target formula of e-courses by adapting the presentation materials and the system of tests to the specificity of webinars, also in terms of the broad potential of interaction with participants offered by the e-learning platform.

Detailed information on the ASP Online project – online certification training courses for Authorized Service Partners and Distributors cooperating with Klima-Therm – will be provided in the second half of April this year.