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Klima-Therm one of the

Added on: 19.03.2015

Klima-Therm with Danfoss, Grundfos and IQ CONTROLS companies invited designers and Polytechnics of Krakow students for the "Modern chilled water system " conference, which took place on March 12 in Krakow. The symposium topic aroused with great interest and good attendance was registered during the event.


During the conference all the most important chilled water system components were discussed, including: methods of hydraulic balance, possibilities of inexpensive and effective installation metering, chillers selection analysis, selection of the inverter circulating pumps, adjustment methods, connection possibilities, advanced BMS management systems.


Company presentations were supported by stands, where technical materials, catalogues and sales advisors were available. Klima-Therm company used the opportunity to present the strengths of Klima-Therm by CLINT chilled system components water offer. The form of conference with subject comprehensively raised has proven itself in practice and many interesting conversations were carrying on in a lobby.