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Added on: 20.01.2016

In the first half of 2015 KLIMA-THERM boasts many new investments designed based on FUJITSU freon air conditioning solutions – flagship product group of the company, as well as solutions based on ice water systems of premier brands, such as KLIMA-THERM by CLINT and SABIANA.

This way the KLIMA-THERM reference portfolio has been extended with other hotels, such as 4-star "Malinowy Raj” in Solec-Zdrój, where air comfort is maintained by FUJITSU VRF Airstage systems, KLIMA-THERM by CLINT ice water refrigerating unit and SABIANA fan coil unit. This year KLIMA-THERM has also delivered air conditioning systems to Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka, Grand Hotel in Kielce and dated back to XVII century Sulisław Hotel&SPA Palace in Opolskie province.

High quality and reliability of equipment offered by KLIMA-THERM have resulted in lucrative investments in scientific sector, including higher education/university facilities. The comfort air conditioning systems from the company's portfolio have been installed in i.a. facilities of Wydział Inżynierii Procesowej i Ochrony Środowiska Politechniki Łódzkiej, in the Centrum Zarządzania Innowacjami i Transferem Technologii Politechniki Warszawskiej facility and in the Kielecki Park Technologiczny park.

Also in the public investment, office and commercial sectors KLIMA-THERM has managed to secure several substantial contracts. Freon-based FUJITSU HVACR systems as well as SABIANA and KLIMA-THERM by CLINT ice water systems delivered to i.a.: Komenda Główna Policji at Bartnicka street in Warsaw, Prokuratura Okręgowa in Rzeszów, P&V Scula office buildings in Józefów near Warsaw and AQUA in Kielce city, Polsat Cyfrowy building and i Pałac Prymasowski in Warsaw or e.g. PKO BP bank division in Bydgoszcz.

During first six months of current year KLIMA-THERM provided several system implementations in industrial sector. Our company has installed FUJITSU VRF Airstage systems and KLIMA-THERM by CLINT condenser refrigerating units designed for KLIMOR air conditioning and ventilation AHUs at Zakłady Produkcji Zaawansowanych Technologii Fotomicznych "Elmat" in Rogoźnica. The VRF systems, condensers and KLIMA-THERM KCX recuperation units have been installed in AdamS H. Pędzich door and window factory in Mrągowo, while in MFO office buildings in Sochaczew, manufacturer of steel profiles, air comfort is maintained by FUJITSU split-type air conditioners and refrigerating units which provide cool air to ventilation AHUs installed at the facility. FUJITSU VRF V-III system – one of the latest solutions offered by KLIMA-THERM – had been included in the HVACR system of LUG Light Factory in Zielona Góra. Another investment for NP Pharma company, manufacturer of parapharmaceuticals, is also worth mentioning: the facility in Ostrowia Mazowiecka has been equipped with KLIMA-THERM by CLINT ice water refrigerating unit with the free-cooling system. The list of the most interesting implementations for the industrial sectors closes the air conditioning system for office facilities at high-level storage warehouse of Ceramika Paradyż objects.

All aforementioned investments are just examples of projects implemented by KLIMA-THERM this year. Fruitful first half of the year is an announcement of securing next interesting contracts, which is obviously enforced by the company advantages such as professionalism, know-how, many years of professional experience as well as impressive portfolio of equipment meeting specific needs of customers from various industries and walks of life.