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KLIMA-THERM with a new logo!

Added on: 10.01.2017

KLIMA-THERM company has changed its visual identification. The implementation of a brand new logo emphasizes KLIMA-THERM’s leading position in the HVACR trade in Poland as well as constitutes a considerable catalyst for further changes within the organization. The carried out rebranding remains in cohesion with a new graphic device of Klimor company symbolically indicating capital connections between these two subjects which are of key importance for the development of KLIMA-THERM Group.



KLIMA-THERM implemented its new logo at a crucial point crowning the process of its business transformation performed throughout the last two decades of its active operation. The company established in Toruń in 1996 is currently an international capital group covering 7 companies in 5 different countries – Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and since 2005 the United States of America – with a team of over 300 employees including top experts and specialists of the HVACR trade.

- I regard rebranding a result of the transformation process of our company as a renowned brand recognized on the market which does not only guarantees top-quality products offered by KLIMA-THERM but also the best quality of customer assistance as well as professional marketing communication. We are symbolically closing this stage in order to open a new chapter related to our further, ambitious plans focused on, among other things, exploration of new markets including development in the North American market and the implementation of new innovative solutions – says Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz, the Chariman of the Board in KLIMA-THERM Group.

The New logo of KLIMA-THERM has undergone considerable changes retaining its evolutionary character with regard to the previous version. The three-element graphics accompanying the name of the company, which has consistently appeared in the advertising communication of the company, forms the symbol of air with its blue and navy blue colour tone. Introducing green as a new colour into the logo constitutes a reference to the company’s eco-philosophy expressed with the priority of supplying pro-ecological solutions which are human and environment friendly.

The graphic device of KLIMA-THERM has been designed in connotation with the current identification of Klimor implemented at the end of 2016.

- We really meant to create a recognizable Visual connection between KLIMA-THERM and Klimor companies. The fact that one organization embraces two subjects which are of key importance with regard to strategic development of KLIMA-THERM Group has been underlined by means of applying a similar logotype font on one hand and compatible shapes of graphic elements on the other – underlines Ms Ewa Pilarska, the Marketing and PR Director in KLIMA-THERM Group.

The current logo of KLIMA-THERM has been prepared internally within the structure of the marketing and PR department realizing projects for all companies incorporated in the Group.